Healing Properties of Popular Crystals

Crystal healing and support are common and accepted practices nowadays.

If you are looking to begin using crystals but are unsure which may be the best for you, we’ve compiled a simple list of the healing properties of the most popular and readily available crystals as well as the issues they treat.

Rose Quartz
⋆ Unconditional love
⋆ Peace
⋆ Emotional healing
⋆ Healthy relationships
⋆ Nurturing
⋆ Peaceful dreams
⋆ Compassion

Clear Quartz
⋆ Clarity
⋆ Intuition
⋆ Positive energy
⋆ Physical cleansing
⋆ Immune support
⋆ Spiritual connection
⋆ Meditation

⋆ Healing of nervous system
⋆ Intuition
⋆ Connection between spiritual and physical
⋆ Meditation
⋆ Psychic protection
⋆ Grief
⋆ Addiction

⋆ Inner strength
⋆ Intuition
⋆ Female fertility
⋆ Hope
⋆ Healing of digestive system
⋆ Emotional balance
⋆ Psychic protection

⋆ Abundance
⋆ Creativity
⋆ Positive energy
⋆ Confidence
⋆ Mental clarity
⋆ Honesty
⋆ Physical healing

⋆ Mental clarity
⋆ Honesty in relationships
⋆ Emotional wellbeing
⋆ Flexibility
⋆ Intuition and psychic awareness
⋆ Communication
⋆ Angel protection

⋆ Calm
⋆ Awareness
⋆ Physical tension
⋆ Insomnia
⋆ Divine Wisdom
⋆ Bone Health
⋆ Emotional Expression

It is important to note that crystals do contain some toxic properties so it is best not to create or use crystal elixirs unless you have training or have had them prepared by a knowledgeable source.

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