A Life in Balance with Fabienne Costa

Fabienne Costa is the CEO and Creative Director of YCL Jewels, hand crafted jewellery for women that invokes the principles of sacred geometry and crystal energy, without the use of animal products.

What time do you wake up?

I normally wake up at 6 a.m. and I aim for seven hours sleep.

How do you start your day?

Ideally I like to start my day with either sitting outside or meditation. However, due to my busy work schedule, sometimes this doesn’t always happen. I can definitely feel a difference in my emotional energy if I am rushed in the mornings so I try to make starting my day positively and with intention a priority everyday.

What do you eat for breakfast?

I am currently loving porridge with coconut milk.

What do you do with your morning?

I work Monday through to Thursday so if it’s a working day for me, I like to get an early start at the studio so you will normally find me at my desk answering emails and designing. I’ll often listen to a podcast during my drive to the studio and I find it helps me feel like I’ve started the day learning something rather than reacting to emails or things I see on social media.

What daily rituals are important to you?

Spending time outdoors, reading, sketching and cooking.

Do you exercise?

My exercise routine changes often depending on my work schedule. I am currently loving pilates a few times a week, as well as walking.

What do you eat for lunch?

We’ve just moved into a new studio space and are preparing to launch our new collection so the team and I are full steam ahead at the moment. And that means there’s been a lot of Uber Eats. However, I always make sure I am eating something healthy. I also love finely cutting up a large variety of organic veggies and having that with some olive oil and vinegar.

Do you have a set of tasks/ responsibilities to handle every day?

Being the CEO of a jewellery brand means that I do have set responsibilities everyday that I need to attend to but it also means that I need to be flexible and rapidly able to adapt to changes that happen throughout the day. I find trying to maintain some sort of a routine assists with this. I make a point, for example, to try not to answer emails after 5 p.m. and ensure that my time at home is spent well.

What does your afternoon look like?

I always try to leave the studio around 4 p.m. and I love spending afternoons in my backyard. I live in the Gold Coast Hinterland so I loving admiring the forest, playing with my animals and I usually read a book or listen to a podcast. I’ll usually do some kind of prep for dinner that night, too.

Do you spend time with friends daily?

I am definitely an extroverted introvert so even though spending time with the ones I love is important, spending time alone is equally as important.

How do you begin your evening?

Usually with a cup of herbal tea followed by cooking something yummy for dinner.

Does the day feel like one period to you or do you segment it?

In the four years that I have grown YCL Jewels, separating work and my personal life has become imperative for my mental and emotional health. So even though some days when I come home, I may feel like I am continually working and not switching off, for the most part of my week, I definitely try to find a harmonious balance to distinguish the two.

How do you spend your time before bed?

I feel like it’s extremely important to disconnect from any screens at least an hour before bed so I usually try to spend it reading. I am currently reading Marianne Williamson’s A Woman’s Worth.

What are the last things you focus on before you go to sleep?

I am very conscious of my thoughts before I fall asleep. I try to practice gratitude multiple times a day. Just before I go to sleep is one of those times. I think about all I have been grateful for during the day and think of some positive intentions I would like to start the following day with.