A Practical Approach to Following Our Passions

We have all heard it said in many different ways, follow your passion and doors will open, the Universe will respond and all good things will come to pass. It seems as if the moment we identify our true calling that we will immediately be guided on our path towards financial and professional success. But what if we don’t know what our passion is, have found it and tried to follow it but things didn’t work out, hit a roadblock that we didn’t know how to get past or not been able to identify it at all? Like anything in life taking a practical approach to something that otherwise appears mystical or beyond our control is helpful because breaking down the steps that lead us on the path to creating a life of meaning, joy and abundance gives us clear guidance, actionable plans and empowers us to take charge of our destinies.

Get Clear

Getting clear on our passions can be as simple as making a list of all the things we enjoy doing in life. Maybe we love reading and writing and might enjoy working in publishing. Maybe we love to cook and get creative in the kitchen and would thrive hosting cooking workshops. Maybe we are passionate about holistic health and sharing information with others and would create a brilliant blog, newsletter or podcast. Focusing on what we most like to spend our time doing, rather than ways we can make money and make an impact on the world, is a great way of taking the pressure off of creating a career and helping us to look at ways to build a life that feels meaningful whilst providing a way for us to make money doing it.

Make a Plan

Making a plan is imperative for helping us take action towards our goals and whilst our plans will change as we move along our journey, setting out simple steps that we can take to get us closer to a life that feels right and satisfying is a helpful way of getting us out of thinking and into doing. Whether we book ourselves onto a training course, set up a website or create an event, always thinking about where we are being led by our current action and what will come next keeps us moving, innovating, creating and evolving.

Reach Out

Connecting with other people in the field that we want to work in or reaching out to those with a lifestyle we desire is a brilliant way of learning from people who have already followed their passions to success. Interning, requesting mentoring and offering support in other ways that fit in with our schedules can see us spending time with like minded people, connecting with communities that provide value for our development and find us challenging our ideas about what the course of success actually looks like.


Most extremely successful people have done a whole host of different things in the course of their careers and whilst we may know them for this role, previous generations might know them for that other one. Finding and following our current passion should see us expanding beyond limitations and set roles to keep exploring who we are and what we want from life and trying one thing only to find it doesn’t work for us or that we have outgrown it, narrows down what we want to achieve and experience in the present and helps guide us towards a new plan of action for our future. We don’t need to sit paralysed by indecision, we can try different things and approaches until something sticks. There is no failure, only experimentation, learning and growth.


We do not have to go from nothing to everything overnight, we can take our time, simplifying our tasks, responsibilities and steps to take sustainable and intelligent action that actually gets us moving forwards effectively. We can get into a tailspin when we think we need to make everything happen right now or nothing will ever work and likewise we can lose sight of opportunities and possibilities by constantly telling ourselves that we don’t know what to do next. Simplifying can be as easy as writing down what we need or want to achieve on our journey and working out what we can do at each step, whether it is researching, sending an email, redoing an earlier action or redirecting our course.

Have Fun

There is a difference between working hard and feeling like life is hard work. Here is the truth of it, we are born and then at some point we die and in between we can work to see beyond illusions of reality to a truth of innate wellbeing, divine intelligence, joy and love. Having fun comes when we give ourselves the freedom to enjoy our pursuits no matter what anybody else has to say about them and move beyond limited thinking that traps us in a cycle of despair and defeat. We are all passionate about many different things and building our lives around them is a fun thing to do. This does not mean there won’t be hard work or frustrations or doubt but that those moments will feel lighter and less important overall because of a jovial attitude and approach.

We live in an age when we are almost overwhelmed by information, opinion and judgement and finding and following our unique life path means it is crucial we know when to tune out the voices of others and tune into our own. Following our passion does not mean having an idea of what we want to do and waiting around for the Universe to bring it into being or giving up when a venture doesn’t work out, it means inspiring ourselves with continual reflection, insight, wisdom and creativity. Doing is key here and doing in a way that is not all or nothing but trial and error, exciting and explorative, where there is no failure, only experimentation and where we know that life is a journey, an adventure and an opportunity that we can choose to embrace with both arms, exploring our gifts and our abilities and following our passions with a practical approach that leads us to learn and grow and succeed and most importantly, to enjoy ourselves along the way.