A Simple Life

At times we all find life overwhelming and we can help ourselves in these moments by making things more simple. A simple life takes a gentle approach to living that is about less rather than more. Less thinking, less analysis, less belongings, less reaction, less confrontation, less distraction, less compromise.

When we cut down on what we don’t need to do, don’t want to own, don’t wish to feel, we create space for a more simple and spacious approach to living. Most of what overwhelms us is what is unnecessary to us: extra thinking, extra options, extra choices.

So what if we simplify? What if we own less so that we are more easily able to take care of our belongings and use them well? What if we give up overthinking so that our thoughts flow and we feel at ease and at peace and live meditatively? What if we do less, choosing with calm and certainty the actions and events that will enhance our lives and help us grow so that we do not feel pulled in different directions and torn about which choices to make? What if we care less about the things that don’t matter to our sense of who we really are?

A simple life is a life of quietude, of grace, of health. It is a way of living that sees us fulfilled, well, pleased and satisfied. When we live simply, we notice the actions and choices that make things complicated and this awareness helps us to move on from them. We live consciously because we enjoy the present and the feeling of being at one with the world around us.

Simple living is uncomplicated: we ask ourselves, Is this serving me totally? and if the answer is no, we let it go without conflict. A simple life is a life of sense. It does not have to have any labels attached to it and will look different for us all but it will always have resounding feelings of effortlessness, honesty, health and peace.