Acceptance means to willingly embrace, receive or agree to something. When it comes to dealing with challenges in life, acceptance is often viewed as a passive act of surrender or allowing that goes against aiding or creating necessary change. But what if acceptance is a positive action?

When we refuse to accept the status quo, we are caught up with thoughts of resistance, unhappiness, tension, stress and depression. We focus on how we feel about the situation and are consumed by our feelings of anxiety, fear and anger. There is nothing wrong with these feelings but when we act on them, we are muddled, ineffective, unable to coherently express our ourselves.

On the other hand, if we accept the situation, we allow space within for clarity, wisdom and insight. If we are not caught up with thoughts of denial, injustice, frustration, we have the space to entertain thoughts about positive action, helpful ways to move forwards and are able to communicate concisely and efficiently.

What if acceptance is the key to change within and without? What if acceptance of illness or the death of a loved one leads to a graceful experience of those difficult times? What if acceptance of laws and politics we find unjust allows us to challenge them effectively and create movements of our own? What if the space acceptance allows us is the space where truth and wellbeing occur to lead us forwards in healthy and positive ways?

Too often we react to our stressed and panicked thoughts about situations that we find unacceptable, dangerous and unjust and these thoughts lead to stressed and panicked actions. Stress and panic come about when our internal world does not match the external world and we cannot function healthily as a result of that. Acceptance allows us to calm down, re-centre and gain a sense of peace again. From here, we are more likely to have a clearer perspective that allows us to see opportunities for creating more peace, for ourselves and others and get clear on a better way forwards.

Acceptance does not lead to apathy, acceptance leads to connection. And when we are connected, to wholeness, to health, to peace, we experience a freedom from suffering which allows us a sense of wellbeing that guides us to act in productive ways. Action from this state of mind and feeling enables wholeness, health and peace, for ourselves, for those around us and for the world at large.