Affirmations for Physical Wellbeing

We live in a time where faith and science are supporting our innate knowledge about who we are, where we come from and what we are capable of. Powered by a source of limitless possibilities, we are walking miracles made of matter that is actually not solid but a mass of vortexes of energy.

Science and faith provide evidence that the universe vibrates on different frequencies and that the frequencies in our bodies and environments change depending on our thoughts in the moment and the experiences they create.

It is generally accepted and proven that thoughts of love, compassion, hope, peace and joy create high vibrations that positively affect our genetics, our mental health and our physical bodies. Buddha claimed that we are what we think and science is reporting that our interpretation of reality has a more powerful influence over us than the environments we find ourselves in.

When we vibrate on higher frequencies, we are more energy than matter and the lesser density is reflected in our physical make up. It is during these times that people experience spontaneous recoveries from illnesses they have otherwise been unable to heal.

Our thoughts are powerful. We know that stress is a killer and stress in the body is a result of stress in the mind. Stress in the mind is born of a limited awareness of our own abilities to choose our thoughts based on their feelings; understanding that what feels good to the heart is good for the whole.

With these understandings in mind, some simple affirmations spoken daily can remind us of the body’s innate power to heal and the source within that creates health and wellbeing without limitations:

I am health
I am light
I am limitless potential

I am undefined
I am spaciousness
I am beyond restrictions

I am source
I am blessed
I am designed for wellbeing

I am open
I am free
I am the creator of my world