Always Learning

Hi friends, it’s Lucy here, creator of The Love Place.

I wanted to share with you today that I am always learning and that as I learn, I change my perspective, shift my understanding and transcend or expand beyond my current insights into life, truth and the nature of existence.

The Love Place has been created with one aim: to help people live well and celebrate life. I believe we are all created from an intelligent and loving energy that is within us, that lives us and guides us and that we can uncover our connection to this energy to lead healthy lives, make helpful lifestyle choices and embrace and enjoy the opportunity of experiencing life as humans on Earth.

This does not mean I am an expert on humankind or a guru of spiritual truth. I believe that we are all ultimately wise and aware and that we do the work necessary to uncover this as we travel the path of life. I don’t work with people in the capacity that I tell them how to live better, I help them recognise and uncover their own ability to know how to do so and their potential for creating a life they love and an experience that feels healthy to them.

I share from my heart, based on my understanding of life as it occurs to me in the moment and this is always with the aim of helping others connect with their wellbeing and authentic truth.

I share my truth in the hope that it resonates with people and awakens something within them that feels healthy and whole. If this is ever not the case, that is perfectly fine. Of course not everyone will connect with what is shared here.

I feel it is important to bring this to light as well as the fact that as I change and develop, I move past beliefs or understandings I share in good faith to more astute or fluid interpretations of life.

I do not claim to know it all, have it all figured out or be any kind of authority. I simply share what makes sense to me in the moment and move on from what no longer serves me as I learn and grow.

I hope that when you read the posts here, you are confident in listening to your wisdom, taking from them what speaks to you and leaving anything that doesn’t. And that you recognise that I am never telling anybody what they should think or believe or experience, only sharing view points that have made sense to me on my journey of self understanding and self development in the hope that I inspire you on yours.