An Introduction

Hello friends, it’s Lucy here, creator of The Love Place, a place to connect with, investigate and celebrate this life that is love. I thought an introduction was in order, so here I am.

My professional background spans the fields of publishing, raw food and coaching and I created The Love Place as a space to explore wellbeing in every area, through posts, interviews, reviews and recordings.

As a means of helping others uncover their true potential, I offer Discovery Sessions and Discovery Workshops which are designed to help people rediscover clarity, insight and self confidence and open up to an existence far greater than they have previously allowed themselves to explore or embrace.

Covering art, food, fashion, travel, spirituality, psychology, health, literature, home and lifestyle options and more, I hope The Love Place offers a space of insight and exploration for everyone who wants to know more, live more and love more.

Thank you for joining me.