Anchors or Wings

Our emotions are our anchors or wings. They hold us down or help us fly. They weigh heavy or lift and carry. When we hear those who speak of attraction, frequency and energy telling us to reach for a better feeling, they are asking us to choose whether we want to remain grounded or soar.

There is nothing that can harm us or hurt us like our own thinking and it is the emotions we hold on to that determine our state of mind, outlook and perspective. We are more likely to think in the way we are feeling if we are feeling without awareness and presence.

When we understand that we choose whether we are held down by our own suffering or lifted high by our own joy, we are able to reach for a better feeling when we notice that our emotions are created within our own minds.

Sometimes a better feeling is simply neutrality; a sense of peace emanating from a still mind with no one focus or bias or belief.

Other times, we are able to transcend feelings of unhappiness to emerge as light, healthy, shining happy beings, rising high above our past and our fears to experience a more profound and enlightening level of consciousness.

So often we find excuses to feel bad and if we can do that, the reverse is true and we can more often find excuses to feel good. Noticing the sun rising, feeling grateful for a warm bed, accepting the present moment as it is and visualising an even better life for ourselves are all choices that help us to connect with light, joyful and empowering emotions.

Our emotions are our anchors or our wings. They lift us up or drag us down and it all happens inside of us. Aren’t we lucky that we get to create the lives we lead based on the thoughts we energise and the feelings we live in and the moment we choose to, fly high?