Be Great Now

Do you ever feel that you are on the cusp of greatness only to fall back into habitual patterns that seem to keep you trapped in a certain type of personality and a certain type of life?

What if you are destined for greatness? What if we all are? Does it matter if we rise and fall and rise and fall? What if that is part of the journey and each time we rise, we are taller, more certain of our greatness and less fearful of falling again?

Today, let’s challenge ourselves to embrace the beings of love that we are. To operate from the certainty that all is well within and that nothing can harm us without. To see how this belief alone impacts our interactions with people and how we receive them.

We often hear stories of transformation and usually they include a few lines about how the personality of the person was completely different after the transformational experience/ insight/ event when all that has changed is an understanding. An understanding of life, their place in the world and often the spiritual essence of who we are.

Most strikingly these transformed people tell us that this is not something they have learned but, rather, something they have uncovered. A truth that we all know and have access to and that uncovering it has changed their entire outlook and perspective and understanding.

If we all have access to this truth, then what are we waiting for? If we want to shrug off old patterns of behaviour, then why don’t we choose to believe in our magnificence and our ability to live from love now rather than waiting for a miracle?

There needs to be some level of agency here. We need to make the decision to embrace and explore our greatness and not just know it’s there somewhere but act as if it isn’t. What if we stop trying to work out how and just do? If we accept something as true, we don’t seek evidence.

So, today, as you stand at the point of transition, take the leap into love. Live from that place of spiritual wellbeing within you. Act as if you are the glorious and magnificent being you’ve always suspected that deep down you are and take your knowledge of your greatness forwards into everything you do. There is no better catalyst for change than the knowledge that you deserve more than you have been allowing yourself. You do not need to wait for a miracle; you are one.