Be You

That person you think you should be more like? They are being them. Be you. That person you think is a lunatic but has many friends and followers? They are being them. Be you. That person who shrugs off the crowd and coolly carves out their own space in the world? You’ve got it.

So often we have an image in our minds of who we think should be or what we should change in order to become successful, fashionable, followable but most often the ideas we are fed by media about what a person in a certain role or industry looks like are not representative of the whole, don’t speak to truth or variation and are not helpful for any of us. We don’t have to speak softly to be a healer. We don’t have to have perfect skin to work in nutrition. We don’t have to crack social media to be successful. We don’t have to be anyone other than who we truly are to find our place in the world. We have already been given one and we can fill it fully and vibrantly if we just come alive to who we really are.

Every time we look at others and wonder if we should be more like them we overlook the opportunity to be more us.

We have what we need to be who we are more perfectly and beautifully than anybody else does but we lose sight of ourselves when we become overwhelmed by other people’s ideas, opinions, stories and images. Deep down we know who we are and we know how to be comfortable with authentically expressing our truth. If we can just take a break from watching, listening to and following other people we’ll find out how interesting and talented and brilliant at life – our life – we were born to be.

Being inspired by others is one thing but judging ourselves against them is faulty logic. What would be the point in a world where everyone was the same? What could we bring to the table if it was already full of people offering what we could? Where would the joy and challenge and growth occur?

Life isn’t a competition. When we stop looking for who’s ahead of us and start focusing on where we are, how far we’ve come and where we are going, life is more fun, we see more opportunity for developing our own self interests and passions and we come more fully into who we are.

So today as you scroll through your social media feeds or compare your clothing choices to the person on the train next to you or your work to a colleagues and feel that impulse to be more like them, realign your thoughts with your own wisdom and grace and wellbeing and instead embrace all of the wonder and joy that comes from being who you are and be you. Be you fully and totally and confidently and joyfully because there is nobody who can do it better.

Header image: White Oak Flower Company