Being the Light You Were Born As

Don’t worry about what other people think of you. Give up thoughts of what you’ve done wrong or misunderstood. Let go of the need to prove or show or demonstrate to those who don’t care or aren’t interested in what you offer. Just be the light you were born as.

Remember that you are God. When you know this truly you act from love and peace and faith because those who need to will see you and those who don’t or can’t won’t affect your understanding of who you are and the energy you live from.

Knowing you are divine universal consciousness in action means you are a channel of wellbeing and intelligent energy that cannot be altered or damaged and does not need to be evidenced.

Living from the space of authentic truth and trust is the highest freedom. You can express yourself with absolute confidence about who you are and what gifts you have for the world. Other people’s doubts and rejections mean nothing because you know you are whole and perfect. There is nothing to prove from here or justify because you are being the light you were born as.