Care Less, Do More

There is much to be said for the ability to let go of something once it is finished. With regards to creativity and the work we put out into the world, the passion and drive we experience to create is only enhanced by our ability to let go of what is finished. In this respect, when we care less, we do more.

Striving for perfection disables us. We become paralysed by a need to make everything right based on a limited understanding of wellbeing and our emotional state. We do not feel well because things outside of us are in order, we feel well because we are operating from health, letting thoughts flow, creating from source and not getting hung up on the work we create and release into the world.

Caring less does not mean less effort or attention to detail, rather knowing when to let go and being at peace with what is already created. Of course it makes sense to us to edit or update when errors have been made but in terms of allowing ourselves to be free of perfection and the compulsion to reassess and reapprove, when we care less, we get more done.

Nothing will ever be good enough if we operate from a mindset that tells us so and trying to live up to exacting standards is not only exhausting, it prevents us from doing and making and sharing because we are so narrowly focused on creating something perfect.

The sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that naturally arise from creating is what we should be focusing on. This is not to say we don’t reflect and evolve and learn from the work of our past but that we don’t get so caught up in feelings of doubt and insecurity and panic about it that it delays or prevents the work of our future.

We are not here to make and share perfection, we are here to realise our perfection and make and share. We do not need to worry so much about what we are doing, only that it is authentic and genuine and a representation of our truth. If we are endlessly fixated on concerns about the perfection of our work, we pass up the opportunity to enjoy making it, enjoy sharing it and move on with inspiration to our next creation.

Letting go of what is done and caring less about perfection allows us space to develop our skills, refine our craft and create more often. We are ever changing and what we created last week may not resonate with us now but unless it is harmful or hurtful, leaving it in the world for somebody else to enjoy without panicking about how it might reflect on us is the freedom that comes from caring less about what doesn’t matter and refocusing our energy onto what does.