Checking in with Ourselves before We Begin the Day

A simple way of making changes to the way we live and take part in the world is to spend a few minutes before we start each day checking in with ourselves and noticing our state of mind, our state of feeling so that we can consider whether we want to take this energy into the morning and beyond or whether we would do better to reconnect with our internal peace in order to get the day started with as healthy and happy an outlook as possible.

We don’t have to be living in bliss and joy all of the time but we do have the option to reflect on our perspective in the moment in order to choose to do and feel our best in life. When we wake up in the morning, we are often still carrying what happened the day before as well as feeling the effects of our lifestyle choices, our dreams and how well we slept. Taking all of this into consideration allows us to understand that we may be caught up in a state of being almost as soon as we wake up that doesn’t best serve us or allow us to start the day fresh. Checking in with ourselves before we begin it can help us to clear our minds and connect with the newness that is available to us in every moment.

Firstly, we can take a few seconds to breathe in deeply and slowly, filling the stomach, chest and lungs deeply with every breath and releasing it calmly until we have exhaled fully. Next, we can check in with how we are feeling physically; where may we need some stretching, some massage, some extra support and what can we do to feel well? After this we can turn to our emotions, what is our dominant feeling and what is it telling us? Our feelings are reflections of our thinking so we know how helpful, clear and trustworthy it is and considering our feelings can guide us to knowing whether to fuel or let go of our thinking in the moment.

If we take the time to just witness our state without judgement, without emotion, without getting involved with justifying it or struggling with it or trying to change it, we can detach from it enough to not identify with it and to reflect on whether it is the state in which we want to enter the day or whether we would do better to allow it to move on and let new thinking and feelings guide us.

The way we do this will be personal to us as we are guided by our wisdom in the moment and we can trust our intuition to lead the way. It might occur to us to repeat some affirmations about our power and potential. We might be inspired to do some exercise to remind ourselves of our vitality and energy. Perhaps journalling will be the best way for us to clear our minds and bodies of thinking and feelings we are not interested in carrying into the day. Whatever we choose to do, giving ourselves the time to listen to what we our inner voice is telling us will be helpful can only benefit us in living more fully from a space of wellbeing and health.

And imagine a world where we all took responsibility for the way we showed up and took part in life, a world where we all checked in with ourselves before we started the day in order to make sure we were not living under the weight of the past or in the shadow of our unhappiness and so did not put that on others or expect them to fix it. If we all chose to think and feel differently, to spend time in quiet contemplation and connection with our truest selves every morning and worked to remember who we are and what is really true and important for us.

When we decide to check in with ourselves before we start the day we positively affect those around us because we are spacious within and allow others the space to express and explore who they are as we are doing. We are more aligned with our desire to feel and do well and we develop our awareness of when we are not taking action that respects and promotes this. We are more inclined to assess our thinking and feelings than just take them at face value and be led by them and because of this we make the choice more frequently to witness those experiences we create for ourselves that do not empower us, do not reflect what we know to be true, do not lead us and others in and towards wellbeing.

This isn’t to say that we don’t have miserable moments, that we don’t have down days but that we accept them and deal with them in grace, with understanding, self love, self compassion, self awareness and that when we aren’t checking in with ourselves and act out of fear or anger or insecurity that we reflect on these choices later, with distance and with the knowledge that we can learn from our less conscious decisions and grow out of less conscious behaviours.

Checking in with ourselves before we start the day is really a simple way of resetting so that we get to approach each day from as fresh a state of mind and perspective as possible in order to feel our most well. When we do so from a space of trust in our ability to be well and faith in our potential for positive change and growth as well as patience for the moments we battle ourselves, we bring a lightness to our waking moments that allows us to shine a little brighter than perhaps we would have had we not checked in and given ourselves the time to once again align with who we really are.