Choosing Joy

Defined as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness, it would seem that we are naturally predisposed towards joy. When we watch young children, we see how easily it comes to them and how well they embrace it.

As we get older and we begin to be conditioned by society to move away from joy towards stress and fear and anxiety, it pays to remember the innocence of our joyful moments and begin to allow ourselves to experience them once again.

Joy comes from within. It may be invoked by things without but joy is a default state of the calm and peaceful mind.

When we are on the brink of joy and thoughts occur that can so easily keep us from falling into pleasure and happiness, it is OK for us to let them be, neither embracing them or running from them, investigating them or worrying about them.

Rather than remind ourselves in these moments of all the reasons we could not feel joy, let us allow ourselves instead to indulge in delight.

The spiritual and emotional pleasure of experiencing joy supports us physically by boosting our immune system, heart and brain health, helps us feel connected to the universal consciousness and encourages others to be joyful, too.

It can only follow then that joy is not only a natural disposition but a necessary one. Today, let us embrace joy, delight in joy and indulge in joy. Our spiritual and physical selves will thank us for it.

Header image: The Flower Stand