Concentrating Our Energy for Physical Health

There is an innate healing mechanism within us that is best supported by us concentrating our energy rather than spreading it too thin because everywhere our mind goes, our energy goes with it and being conscious of this is key.

When we are very still within and aren’t chasing after every thought and taking every action, we find ourselves present and feeling well. When we are constantly giving our energy to different thoughts at once and taking action in response to them, we do not support our wellbeing and feel less centred, pay less attention to maintaining health and do not concentrate our energy on healing.

We are well supported by a system that guides us to feel our way through life so we do not need to fear having many projects on the go or being active or living full lives. We will feel it when we aren’t concentrating our energy on what is helpful for us and we can simply let go of those things once we notice.

We have been taught to misread our feelings as a guide to the state of our wellbeing rather than the state of our minds in the moment which often leads to us thinking we need to do more in our minds rather than less. But if we notice what is happening when we start to feel physical unease, we can rein in our energy and refocus and realign.

If all the energy we create is spent, what is left to support our physical health? How do our bodies repair and restore? We require energy for maintenance and healing and concentrating our energy by monitoring where we are spending it helps us to regroup and come back to ourselves to nurture, care, support and heal.

We always have wellbeing available to us and tuning into it by calling back the energy we spend on unhelpful, unnecessary or unhealthy thoughts and pursuits and concentrating it within finds us more quiet, more sound and more well.

Taking stock of where our mind is going and the energy we spend on endless thought streams and the actions they seem to require of us can help us to understand how much energy we expend on things that mean little to us and far less than our wellbeing and physical health.