Connecting with Our Potential

When we think about our potential, often our focus falls onto what we think we are able to do based on what we have done before and what we have been told we can expect to achieve in life. However, connecting with our true capacity for achieving, learning, evolution and growth actually happens when we move beyond who we think we are and what we are capable of and open up to something far greater.

We Are Unlimited

Every day we come across stories of people doing the impossible which should tell us that, for the most part, the limits we apply to our lives are thought created rather than fact based. We are creatures of imagination and past a certain age this imagination is used to keep us operating within the confines of the ego which wants to keep us safe based on a limited understanding of who we really are, what we can really do and our potential for experiencing our limitless abilities.

It Starts Within

Inside of each of us is the light of wellbeing that is ready to heal us and help us when we realise it is there. We are miracle beings powered by an energy of Universal consciousness, designed perfectly to default to wisdom and psychological success when we get beyond the experience of our thoughts in the moment and start to understand them via the emotions they are communicating to us. When we are experiencing clarity and insight and wisdom, we feel it. When we aren’t, we feel it. The reason so many of us enjoy meditation is because during that time of stillness, we finally allow the mind to do what it is designed to: let thoughts flow, be aware of the experience of the thinking we generate about them and allow our wisdom to determine its validity in guiding us to live healthy and successful lives.

Fall Out of the Self and Into Something Far Greater

Inspiration occurs in a space outside of our limited perceptions of self and potential which we open up to when we allow ourselves to fall out of the personal experience of identity and into the impersonal experience of truth. Whether we use the word God or Source or Light or Love or Energy or Consciousness, there is a Divine intelligence creating and living the Universe and we are a part of it and able to access its potential any time we get beyond ourselves and open up to something far greater.

Getting Clear on Possibility

Potential is explored in the realms of possibility where we are able to widen our field of vision and expand our focus and start to look for ways to take part in the world that extend beyond our previous versions of self and models of being that have held us down or back. We all have an inkling that we are designed for something more than we currently achieve or experience. This innate knowledge that the possibility exists for us to get past concepts of our limitations based on fear, anxiety or doubt to live from curiosity, insight, investigation and wisdom is always ready to guide us to expand beyond limited modes of being to a realisation of and connection with our limitless potential.

Header image: The Lake and Town of Brienz: Moonlight, Joseph Mallord William Turner