Conscious Living

Hi friends, it’s Lucy here with a personal post. I believe that when we come alive to who we really are (in a word, God) that we naturally begin to assess our lives and notice where we could be doing less harm, more good, living with more awareness and making more conscious lifestyle decisions and choices. I try to live consciously by reflecting on the thinking I energise, the feelings I act on, the way I speak to others, the food I eat, the products I purchase and how I share the information that I come across about conscious living that I believe to be helpful and illuminating.

I believe that we act unconsciously when we are feeling far away from who we are really are. I am not here to sit in judgement of others or claim the right way to live because truly it does not make sense to me deep down to tell another person what to do or what is right or wrong. I am a human who is doing their best like all other humans and I am growing and learning every day. Living consciously to me means expanding past the need to be right, the need to be seen to be right and into a space of open heartedness, acceptance, love, honesty and connection. I think the better grounded we are in our ability to live from love rather than logic or intellect or an identity driven by unhelpful programming and conditioning the better able we are to treat every living being with more consideration and respect and the clearer it becomes to us that our actions and choices impact the world.

I am always open to hearing about how I might better help the world, better support my loved ones, better care for those in my life and I imagine that most people would be if they realised that they can feel better than they do by connecting with their ability to live consciously. This is why I think it is so helpful for us to operate from a loving intelligence that exists before, beneath and beyond the ego, the limited self because we experience new, innovative, insightful and helpful ideas about how to take part in life.

When we are living from this wellbeing, we do not seek to shame, harm, denounce, criticise but share, learn, evolve, educate. We recognise where love is needed when we live from love and that hate and punishment only lead to more fear, more pain, more suffering in the world. Conscious living extends to all areas of life and begins with how we think about our world and the way we want to treat our planet and every being who inhabits it. We are all doing the best we can with our understanding in the moment. Working to increase our awareness of who we really are and what our hearts truly yearn for can only lead us towards a healthier, happier, kinder, more considerate future where we practice a more conscious approach to life, seeking to do good as much as possible so that we all feel well and have a chance to thrive.

We can all begin to be more conscious by looking at our every day habits, beginning as soon as we wake up. What are our beds and bedding made of? Who grew the materials or are they made from synthetic fabrics? What are the implications of this on our health and environment, on the makers health and environment? What cosmetics do we use and do their ingredients harm our skin or the planet? What packaging do they come in and can it be reused or broken down? What breakfast do we eat and did any being suffer for it? How does it enhance or maintain our health? What thoughts are we energising as we get ready for our day? How do we treat those around us when we are thinking this way? What is our self talk as we start work on our daily tasks and responsibilities? What is it we do in the world and how and why?

Every step we take leaves its mark and yet we don’t need to overhaul our lifestyles all at once, apologise for every mistake we have ever made, renounce our indulgences and luxuries, give up what we enjoy, we can simply become more aware of our choices and decisions in every moment and reflect on what impact they are having beyond our experience there and then. What small acts might each of us start with that will impact the world more gently or positively? What new ideas might change the way we treat other people? What might help us better understand our opportunity to live with more awareness? How might we share what we’ve learned and are learning with respect, kindness, compassion and love?

Just as health is holistic so is conscious living; it is a total approach to what we do and why it matters. We won’t be perfect and we don’t need to strive to be and knowing and accepting this is part of a healthy experience of life. Simply realising that we get to make choices and decisions every day that resonate with our true selves or don’t is enough to get us started on building lives that do less harm, support a healthier world and treating ourselves and others with understanding.

In a world where our egos and programming fill us with fear and indignation, I believe that punishment and guilt make things worse. If we act badly when we feel badly then making another human feel more badly won’t change things for the better but potentially create an even greater sense of distance between their ego and their true self leading to increased feelings of unworthiness, loneliness, frustration, bitterness and anger, no matter on what scale. We don’t know another person’s story exactly as they’ve lived it but we can guarantee that acts of harm on any level represent an even momentary detachment from wholeness, health and love. It makes more sense to me to question why someone does something in the first place if we want to create a happier, healthier, more just and fair world because then we reach out from a place of interest and an attempt at understanding rather than a desire to other, reject, ostracise, we open the channels for communication and learning that lead us to improve the way we deal with harm and pain which encourages healing, health and mutual support.

In our right minds every single one of us would live consciously and being conscious of this allows us to treat each other with grace, with kindness, with love. And in the instances that we don’t, we can later see that we lost sight of our truth in the moment, we got carried away by the ego from our awareness of who we really are. When we operate from our innate wellbeing we take helpful action, we make improvements, we better the world one step at a time and we do so without needing to shame and blame ourselves and others. Bewilderment gives way to an attempt at understanding, anger gives way to an attempt to makes things better for all, fear gives way to love and in love we are powerful, guided and able to live consciously from an innate desire to do well and be well and take action that contributes to others being able to do the same.