A Conscious Valentine’s Gift Guide

As Valentine’s Day approaches and we want to shower our loved ones with gifts, conscious purchases make our presents all the more meaningful. Here is our guide to conscious gifting this Valentine’s.

Organic Cotton Slippers from The Eco-Bath, £7.45

Give the gift of comfort with these organic cotton towelling slippers. Made from unbleached organic cotton, these soft eco luxury slippers are the perfect conscious and loving gift.

The Eco-Bath Organic Cotton Slippers

Aqua Oleum After Dark Massage Oil, £8.19

This quality sensual massage oil is a blend of potent fragrant essential oils including sandalwood and jasmine, known as queen of the night because of its after dark heady perfume. Designed to uplift and elevate body and mind, this stimulating massage oil is ideal for a romantic evening.

Aqua Oleum After Dark Massage Oil

Smithy Mushrooms Organic Oyster Mushroom Kit, £15

For the food lover or indoor gardener, this grey oyster mushroom growing kit is the perfect gift. A combination of organic growing block and mycellium, mushrooms are ready to harvest within a week when new mushrooms will begin to grow through.

Smithy Mushrooms Organic Growing Kit

Incausa Palo Santo Small Offering, £22

Help your loved one to raise their vibration and deepen their sense of connection with this palo santo set from Incausa, a social business that uses profits to enable purposeful commerce of indigenous artisanship and heritage. Incausa partners with indigenous cause initiatives developing non profit trade posts and market placement and ensuring fair trade practices from sourcing to fulfillment.

Incausa Palo Santo

Alexis Smart In Love Flower Remedy, $37

Alexis Smart uses flower medicine to create remedies which address emotional and mental aspects of wellness. In Love is made from the flowering part of centaury, chicory, heather, holly, pine and designed to help users experience healthy relationships, trust, love without possessiveness and love for self and others. Available in an alcohol free version, this is a perfect wellness gift for Valentine’s.

Alexis Smart In Love Flower Remedy

Organic Flowers from In Bloom, Price on Request

Grown in four acres of certified soil association land in the heart of the Devonshire countryside, In Bloom is a labour of love from a team passionate about flowers grown without chemicals and pesticides. Offering over 100 different varieties of bee friendly wild flowers, country garden favourites and formal flowers, their low carbon and eco approach involves using minimum tillage and ‘no dig’ growing methods.

In Bloom Organic Flowers

The Giving Keys Classic Key Necklace, £31.99

A social enterprise in downtown Los Angeles that sells products to create jobs, The Giving Keys aims to provide long term solutions for breaking cycles of generational poverty and homelessness by placing people on career paths, thereby handing them the keys to unlock their fullest potential. Having generated 118,233 hours of work for people transitioning out of homelessness so far, every product purchased supports further job creation.

The Giving Keys Classic Key Necklace

Eco Spa Experience at The Scarlet, Cornwall, From £45

With a sustainability policy reducing their negative environmental impact and enhancing their surroundings, The Scarlet operate from a ‘Cherish the World’ ethos that aims to create memorable holidays, experiences and escapes which don’t cost the Earth, source responsibly, reduce waste, monitor energy usage and inspire positive change in their customers lives or businesses, whilst challenging the ‘norms’ associated with four star hospitality. Treatments start at £45 and include scrubs, massage, facials and full body treatments.

The Scarlet Eco Spa Experience

OCTO Vegan Milk Chocolate Gift Box, £48

The most creamy, smooth and deliciously sweet luxury vegan chocolate, this gift box contains everything from OCTO’s milk chocolate line. Beautifully packaged and consciously produced, this chocolate gift box is sure to sweeten up your sweetheart in all the right ways.

OCTO Milk Chocolate Gift Box

Strange Invisible Zodiac Perfume 15 ml, $125

Botanical blends of certified organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic and hydro distilled essences designed, decanted and bottled in California, these zodiac inspired fragrances are hand blended in limited batches in a base of custom distilled Espirit de Cognac made from non GMO, pesticide free grapes.

Strange Invisible Zodiac Perfumes

Header image: The Kiss, Gustav Klimt