Consciously Creating Our Experience

When we reflect on mindfulness, a meditative way of living and even how we attract certain events and experiences, we often come to an understanding that the thoughts we most think affect us in many different ways, dictating the lives we lead and the experiences we have.

If thoughts create feelings and feelings are energy which have a frequency that carries information, then the state we live in determines the frequency we exist in and the information we are sending out into the energetic field around us. This means that what we think about is important and can make a lot of difference when it comes to the way we experience life and the things we invite into it.

When we continually think about something we hardwire our brains to create neural pathways that create habitual thoughts. Our brains don’t differentiate between whether these are helpful or not, they just keep firing the same neurons and neurons that fire together wire together to form neural networks that we come to default to.

Luckily we can change our brains by creating new pathways and giving ourselves a new experience of life just by refusing to get sucked into the familiar experiences that old thought patterns create for us, no matter how real or true they feel. The more we feel overwhelmed or stressed or anxious in response to our thoughts, the more helpful it will be for us to change our focus.

This could mean being grateful for financial security and abundance rather than worrying about lack of money. Or feeling appreciative of having a beautiful home rather than the stress of not being able to find a suitable place to live. Whilst so called realists might attack or criticise this approach, feeling good is beneficial in many ways.

Science shows us that when we prime the brain with positive expectations, we stimulate the production of dopamine and opioids that positively influence our emotional state, reduce pain, increase pleasure and create physical changes within the body such as healing. Likewise, smiling is good for our hearts and laughter is good for our immunity and compassion is good for our mental health.

When we are focused on gratitude and possibility, we are more open to opportunities when they present themselves. We literally widen our field of vision. If we feel it is likely we’ll find solutions, we are less prone to getting bogged down in worry or fear. When we choose to live in good feelings, we are less affected by other people and events around us. When we focus on what we want rather than what we don’t, we change our vibration and life responds.

This is not to say it’s easy. Doing the work to become conscious of our thought patterns and habits of thinking can be challenging, confounding and alert the ego to its demotion. When we begin operating from a higher consciousness that is more interested in advancement than a false concept of safety, we no longer need to be held back by insecurity, doubt and reminders of failure.

This can feel like a struggle to begin with as the ego does its best to keep us thinking the same old thoughts and feeling the same old feelings but if we can get past this to a place where we are open to insight, clarity and peace we will automatically connect with feelings of worth, joy and wellbeing which will guide us to seek out ways to feel these more often and show us that it is just common sense to feel as well as we can whenever we can.

All that stands in our way are opinions, judgements and beliefs which are just long standing thoughts we have continually believed in. If we can literally change our brains in order to be more productive thinkers, feel better and live in a more positive energy then why would we not? If we know that there is more to life than what meets the eye (information which is itself predetermined by our perspective) why don’t we choose to work at creating a better experience for ourselves and inviting in more of the same?

It is our responsibility to create a state of living that helps us thrive because we have been gifted the power to take charge of it. We have the option and the choice to be conscious of our thoughts and to find the best ways to create new neural pathways that empower us, expand us and see us living lives of happiness and joy. We don’t have to feel guilty or ashamed about the times we are depressed or struggling or feeling negative, rather we can remember the times we aren’t and work to create more of those.

Compassion for ourselves and others is natural for us which means that when we get lost or confused or lose our way, we can be loving and caring and kind towards ourselves until we begin to remember that we are able to choose how we feel in the moment and train ourselves to change our thought processes so that it becomes second nature for us to doubt the ego and instead look for opportunities to feel happy and joyful, priming our brains to expect peaceful and positive experiences no matter what is going on in the world around us.

Looking on the bright side is our true default setting which is why when we do it we feel so well inside. We literally light up when we remember to turn away from unenlightened thought and let old patterns fall away in favour of healthier and happier thinking. We are designed for success and we see this constantly; taking a more grateful approach to life means that even when things don’t go as we’d hoped we never lose sight of happiness and joy and our ability to create our experience and the information we radiate out into the world.

If we keep working to live in a state of wellbeing by being conscious of our thoughts and feelings and doing our best not to get hijacked by old thought patterns we will find life expands right along with us. We can’t feel bad and good at the same time and as soon as we understand that we get to choose between the two, something shifts that allows us a distance from our thoughts and feelings which gives us space to question their validity and helpfulness and the freedom to live more often from gratitude and wellbeing, naturally seeking joy in life, communicating this via our frequency and inviting more of it in.