Creating a Healthy Environment for Our Cells

There are trillions of cells in our bodies and their health and expression are dictated by their environment which we create all day every day with the thoughts we think, the chemicals they generate and the feeling state we most live in.

If we start to think of ourselves as a community of cells all doing their best to thrive and survive in optimum health, we might become more conscious of the thoughts we focus on and the feelings they are creating.

Whether we are talking to ourselves directly, conducting conversations with others in our minds or just thinking about life, our cells are reading the information carried by the chemicals that are activated by our thoughts and kept in place by our feelings and sent around our bodies.

Healthy cells are supported by healthy environments that are created by healthy thoughts and feelings. Our perception of life is driven by our beliefs and perspectives and so to change the way we feel, we have to change the way we view the world, ourselves and our place in it.

Once we become aware of this, it makes sense for us to support our community of cells with healthy thoughts and feelings that encourage us to choose healthy ways of living that support healthy physical, psychological and emotional states.

What we perceive, our cells receive and the information they receive informs how they express themselves and interact with the cells around them.

Understanding ourselves as a whole system rather than as an abstract mind in a physical body can help us to gain awareness of the importance of noticing where our attention goes when we drift out of conscious thinking and consider how the thoughts we most think and the feelings we most feel in those moments are affecting our physical health as well as our mental and emotional states.

Studies show how speaking positively and negatively to plants affects their growth. Everything is energy and thoughts and words and the intention behind them carry a vibration which itself carries information.

We can raise the frequency of the physical in order to live our best lives and we do this by raising our consciousness, choosing a healthier vibration to live in than that created by habit and giving up a focus on heavy, dense, tense and unhappy ways of thinking and feeling, no matter how justified we are in experiencing them.

A simple way to feel well is to meditate on the word love. When we do, we feel the vibration of love and we let love heal us and lead us and guide us in the ways that we live and take care of ourselves.

We all deserve to be well. Our bodies are geared towards health. Our minds can take us into healing. We just have to know that the option is available to us and do the work to change our mindsets, belief systems and the way we choose to live.

There is no one size fits all approach and there is no way to do life wrong. There are only options that leads us towards wellbeing and away from it and the choice to believe in the possibility of a happy life and move towards it right here, right now, today.