Crown Chakra Meditation

This guided meditation can be used throughout the day to remind you of your wholeness and your connection to the energy of life, Universal intelligence, the loving wisdom of the Divine.

Record yourself slowly speaking the words below, pausing between sentences.

Allow yourself to hear them with all of your attention.

Find a quiet place where you can block out the light.

Lie down. Close your eyes.


See yourself floating in space.

There is nothing around you and you are light and comfortable and safe.

There is a violet glow in the air that is relaxing and calming you.

Feel yourself loosening up as your thoughts slow down and your mind becomes still.

You are silent and peaceful within.

You are one with all that you seek.

Inspired by Divine wisdom.

Guided by Universal intelligence.

Lived by the energy of life.

Listen carefully to the gentle hum that you can hear around you and that is vibrating through you.

This is the vibration of the energy of the life that created you and that you are a part of.

This is the energy of love that is within you and that you are one with.

As you relax more deeply, held by the space you are floating in and lulled by the gentle hum of love, let go of everything you have been holding onto that has made you believe you are separate, unappreciated, alone.

Feel the energy of love vibrating through your head, clearing out from your mind all that is untrue, unhelpful and untrustworthy.

As your mind clears and quietens more feel a deep sense of belonging filling your entire body and reawakening intense feelings of love and health within you.

Your soul is activating and you are able to fully connect with all that you know, all that is available to you as you open up to the wisdom you hold within.

Notice that as you focus on these feelings of activation your body begins to glow with a golden light and you can see your spirit shining brightly from within you, out of every cell of your being.

You know the truth of who you are.

You are unconcerned with falsehoods.

You are free to express your highest self.

You are able to explore life from a new perspective.

Your body is feeling light and well and filled with joy and there is a deep sense of gratitude and understanding within you.

Know that all is forgiven.

Know that there are no balance checks in place.

Know that you are able and encouraged to live a life that is beautiful in every way.

Realise the innocence in not knowing this, in trying to fight for this or prove this or push it away.

See how brightly you are glowing when you connect with this.

Feel how well supported you are by the space around you.

Understand that this space exists within you as well.

You are connected with the energy of life.

This energy is loving and pure and wise.

See yourself slowly floating down through the violet space around you into your home and notice that the violet glow in the air around you remains as you enter your familiar surroundings.

Float down into your bed and feel yourself safe and whole and loved and supported.

Your body and spirit are still glowing with a golden light as you relax into your place of rest and they always are, even when you cover up your light with false beliefs and unhelpful ideas and disempowering narratives.

Slowly get up from your bed and make your way to your nearest mirror.

Notice that you are still surrounded by a violet light and that there is an energy of love still humming within and around you.

Rest in the calm and quiet stillness within you as you face your reflection and smile.

Everything you have been looking for is available to you.

Everything you want to feel is inside.

There is nothing you do not deserve and nothing you are separate from.

Close your eyes and embrace this truth.

Open your eyes and live it.