Dear Ego

Dear Ego

Thank you for wanting me to stay safe. But I can’t live as I need to if I allow you to guide me as you have done so far. I can’t realise my potential if you are hiding it from me. I can’t be my true self if you keep telling me who I am.

I will ignore you when you replay my fears every time I make a bold move or remind me of my past mistakes because I trust in my future. I will detach from you as you try to keep me back, down, afraid. I will doubt you when you tell me I am limited.

I am grateful that you have made sure so many of my needs have been met but I believe there is a better way to meet them from now on.

I am glad to exist as a unique expression of consciousness. I am glad to be human. I am glad to operate in the world of form. But doing so must come from a place of wisdom, insight and wellbeing. I am striving to create myself without as I am within and I cannot do this if I run on survival mode.

I do not need your protection from living. My soul is whole, my core is light, my centre is truth.

I relinquish my attachment to reliving the horrors of the past and focusing on fears of the future and existing in the resulting paralysis of the present and I embrace each moment as new.

I step into the unknown with joy and hope.

Beyond you. Beyond time and space. Beyond reason and doubt, all is One. All is God. All is love.

I know my true being is never under threat. I know my heart and soul reside in safety.

I choose to become conscious of your habits and patterns and beliefs so that I can live from a healthier and happier space. So that I can connect more profoundly with the wonder of who I really am and connect more profoundly with the wonder of who others really are.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to recognise the parts of myself that have been living in shadow so that I can bring them into the light to heal.

I take responsibility for the moments I act on your unhelpful urges and accept that it is my choice to focus on your outdated prompts. I can do this because I trust my internal guidance system and I know that I can default to the peace and health of love that exists before, beneath and beyond you when I look past what you are offering.

You have masked my true strength and hidden my resilience from me. For all your projection, you are fragile. You are frightened. You are at risk. But not from the outside world, from the self you have developed to protect.

It is time to rewrite the script so that it reflects my best interests, my truth and my potential. It is time to quiet your negative voice so that I can explore my possibilities.

I do not expect change to come all at once. I am comfortable with the journey of self discovery, self forgiveness and self enlightenment that is unfolding. I am grateful to you for the tests and challenges you present. I embrace the learnings you offer. And I also know that your rule is ready to be revised.

In the light of consciousness I am able to separate you from truth. I am able to be less swayed by your claims. I find that I am continually evolving into a more aware and open state of being.

And every day I bid goodbye to our relationship as we’ve known it and offer a warm welcome to a healthier mode of operating and a more conscious state of existence. Where I do not rely on you to guide me or reflect my reality but readily fall into bliss, use you as a tool of self development and create myself from scratch every day.


Header image: Sea Study, Claude Monet