Discovery Sessions

No packages, no paradigms.

Just the space for investigating possibility.

If you are looking for help connecting with your potential in any area,

email to book your session.

One hour digital session


“Tear off the mask, your face is glorious.”

– Rumi



I’m Lucy Di Marino, creator of The Love Place. For years I worked as a wellbeing coach helping people find their health beneath mental distress. Since then I have moved on to help people in a different capacity and now work with those already on the journey of self investigation who want to discover who they really, seek clarity in areas that seem to be eluding them and are ready to look at the conditioning and patterning that affects them.

It is important to me that the people I work with feel heard, feel held and feel supported as they open up to their propensity for healing and transformation. I offer a loving and present space that provides a safe and encouraging experience of self discovery and realisation. I will help you remember who you really are and discover what you are really capable of.

My goal is to help you connect with your truth, your wellbeing, your confidence and your resilience so that you can live the life you want to but currently shy away from, don’t feel worthy of or have no idea how to create. Your unique and individual expression of consciousness will respond to a unique and individual discovery session so I don’t offer formats, packages or paradigms.

Discovery Sessions are about you. I am able to intuit or zone in on areas where you are held back from realising your potential, your worth and your happiness and I feel that helping you get clear on these and realising your wellbeing is my gift. I want to help you realise your gifts and discover a way of being in the world that best honours your truth. If you would like to book a session, please email me. (Please note I only schedule one session per day, weekdays only.)



Professional Sessions and Workshops

A background in sales and marketing, as well as a keen eye for trends and interest in brand development has led health and wellness companies to consult with me over the years.

Discovering who you are, what you offer and where you are holding yourself back as a business can be challenging from a subjective perspective. Objective and outside guidance can not only help you to gain clarity on what isn’t working but strip back what you are offering so that you rediscover who you are, where your inspiration lies, what your true aims and passions are, what it is you want to sell and what your brand message is: if you are not clear, your customers are not clear either.

Moving past what you think you know to solutions and answers that will get your business on track to where you want it to go is often simpler than you think and it happens when minds are cleared and refocused on new possibilities and potential rather than fixing and trying to rework broken or obsolete models.

During groups workshops and one to ones I help people get clear of overwhelm and experience clarity and insight so that they can identify their audience, present a coherent identity to their customers, pinpoint where they can streamline their operations, understand who they are as a company and define which avenues to pursue to grow. If you work within the health and wellness industries and would like to book a session or workshop, please email me.

£270 per hour.