Distracting Ourselves from Our Greatness

As children we generally have few qualms about pronouncing our talents to others or our ambitions for the future. We don’t shy away from our strengths or cover them up with worries and insecurities until we begin to learn the ways of the world and are introduced to the judgements of others and their ideas about who we are and what we are capable of.

As adults we spend so much time suffering because of our obsession with the past, our feelings of lack in the present and our anxieties about the future and we continually distract ourselves in this way from our greatness. In those moments, which may feel few and far between the stresses of everyday life, when we are unclenched, open, warm within, we connect with source and are channels of wisdom, love, light and wonder. We realise our greatness, our strength and resilience and we are in awe of who we really are.

But so often we immediately fall back into patterns of thinking and behaving that obscure our view of our potential and distract ourselves with our focus on ‘the real world’, misunderstanding that reality is an illusion based on our perspective and beliefs in the moment. If instead of falling straight out of our moments of connection and realisation of our greatness, we stayed in the space of truth and authenticity, we would begin to operate from it rather than the false identity we have constructed and had layered upon us.

Waking up to ourselves is the greatest thing that can happen to us and we do it over and over again. Staying in the space of truth and beginning to live from it is when change begins to occur and we no longer distract ourselves from our greatness because we are operating from a higher consciousness which gives us the awareness to see that who we have been other than truth was an illusion based on a false understanding. Distractions from truth fall away when we are in truth and living from truth because it is more fulfilling to operate this way.

If we think about how easily we are distracted from meaningful and enjoyable experiences by media and screens, we notice how often we give our attention to things that don’t connect us with wellbeing over things that do. Distracted living has become our default over spending time on activities and practices that enhance our health within and without and help us to live from a space of connection, awareness and wisdom.

Intrusive thoughts are only as powerful as we allow them to be and understanding that giving them our attention distracts us from our greatness is a wake up call that can reset us so that we unfold into the space of truth and wellbeing instead of living in a state of confusion, disconcertment and agitation. We can remember who we are and where we came from and what is really available for us to experience and explore and refuse to be distracted from it in order to bring our greatness into the world, improving our lives and the lives of others and turning away from distraction and towards discovery.