Distraction vs Distance

There is a vast difference between distraction and distance and when it comes to our thoughts and emotions, how we view the two determines whether our state of being in the moment is something we feel we need to flee or are able to free ourselves from.

Distraction is the action we take when we feel that our thoughts and feelings and the experience that they are creating are too real to otherwise move on from. Distance is the natural result of querying our experience and discovering it not to be real.

Until we understand on a fundamental level that we are creating our experience in every moment with the thoughts we think and the feelings they create, distraction might seem like our best option.

But real change occurs when we question our experience, stop believing that all of our thoughts are true and experience a distance from them that allows us to decide whether we want to focus on them and live in the feeling of those thoughts or change our mind and experience new thoughts and new emotions.

Our thoughts cause neurons in our brains to fire that create physical pathways. A habit of thought creates a physical reaction that the body becomes used to. This is why people with a certain type of problem find the problem just moves from one area in their life to another no matter how much work they do on each. It’s not the situation, it’s the thinking about it that dictates how we feel and it’s the habits of thought that we identify with that create our personality.

We’ve all heard stories of people with traumatic brain injuries changing into someone new overnight. If we forget who we think we are then we become free to experience new thoughts and feelings. We let go of emotional addictions. We create new neural pathways. We become distanced from the reality we had previously believed in. We are no longer attached to our personality.

When we distract ourselves from something it’s because we don’t want to focus on it. When we distance ourselves from something it’s because we know we don’t have to.

There is a saying that everything seems difficult until we’ve mastered it. Change on such a grand scale can seem impossible because we are creatures of habit and when we have practised something for a long enough period of time we come to identify with it. But we are endlessly creative beings of limitless potential. We never reach the limit of evolution or change unless we tell ourselves that is the case.

Every moment of our lives is filled with our experience of a thought created reality that we are so familiar with we think it’s solid, factual, absolutely true. But it’s not. And the sooner we wake up to this, the sooner we are able to engage with our true potential for positive change and gain distance from any thoughts and feelings we have until now believed we could only escape through distraction.