Embracing Our Human Reality

We are here. Now. In human form. When we misunderstand the potential we have for experiencing a joyful life of love as humans, we rally against our condition, wishing away our thoughts and sometimes our lives and misunderstanding the true source of love and happiness.

But what if we viewed our time here as a holiday on Earth? With no guarantees, just the potential for experience, exploration, investigation and adventure? What if we broke it down so that we saw that our thoughts gave us the means to navigate life and the resulting bodily reactions, the means to feel every moment of it?

What if we didn’t think we had a certain amount of time to live and found every day to be a miracle? What if viewed our physical selves with awe and wonder, amazed at what these wonderful machines can achieve in their own unique ways rather than applying labels that measure them up to a norm that doesn’t exist?

What if we could appreciate our differences whilst celebrating our commonalities? What if we could view each other as family and friends rather than foe? What if we reached out when we saw another suffering and forsook condemnation for reminders of light, love and truth?

What if we recognised the light within us as divine intelligence and trusted that it brought us here to learn and enjoy and expand and grow? What if we relied on this energy to keep steering us right and remembered to turn back to it as soon as we went wrong?

What if we didn’t try to be perfect because we knew we couldn’t be? What if we learned and moved on from our mistakes, forgiving ourselves because we weren’t shamed by them? What if we stopped using the word guilt and defaulted to wisdom, motivated to grow by our mistakes, rather than held back by them?

What if we could share our ideas without any need to justify, prove, defend or desist? What if being open and honest were natural for all of us? What if we didn’t feel threatened by other people’s stories and truths?

What if we believed in ourselves and knew our own truth and beauty? What if we didn’t seek approval from others? What if we could connect from peace and grace?

What if we allowed the ups and downs and highs and lows? What if we embraced our human reality and stopped seeking something other, enjoying this beautiful, wild, messy, exciting ride? What if we could understand that right here and now we are spiritual beings in human form and that this is just right, just perfect, just as we wanted it to be?

We can never be other than what we are, the spiritual as physical, here to recognise the joy and health inside of us, exploring what is outside whilst being guided by what is inside and in our quiet moments returning to a consciousness that tells us everything is one. Embracing our human reality allows us to see ourselves as perfectly imperfect, free to create and appreciate without seeking guarantees, indulging in the magic of this grand illusion, experiencing it all deeply as we go.

Header image: Yellow, Cherry, Orange, Mark Rothko