Today I recognise that my emotions are energy.

That they are not permanent states of being but transitory experiences.

I understand that they are not a guide to the state of my wellbeing which is always whole and in tact but to my state of mind which is based on my thinking in the moment.

Today I see that my emotions are not frightening.

That they aren’t too big to sit with or too overwhelming to move through.

My emotions can’t hurt me unless I misunderstand them and I only do this when I get caught up in their experience and believe in the thinking that has created them.

I know that inside of me there is peace and wisdom and resilience and strength.

I know that often I experience clear thinking and clarity of thought.

I know that when I am thinking from wellbeing and wisdom, my emotions reflect this.

I know that emotions are created by the thoughts I think about and are a reflection of my state of mind in the moment.

I know that there is nothing wrong with having emotions and this awareness alone can help me to let them pass.

I know that I can let them pass just by changing my mind.

I do not need to run from something I create.

I trust that when I look within I can discern between emotions and intuition.

I am grateful to my emotions for giving me insight into my perspective in the moment.

I trust that they are guiding me to realise when I am looking away from wellbeing for solutions and insight.

I know that they are always telling me when I am looking in the wrong direction.

I trust that when I let my mind get quiet I can tell the difference between emotions and truth.