Encouraging Health

Health is something we all want but not something we all feel we know how to work towards. We know that we need to approach life holistically and that balance in all areas of our lives leads us to feel healthy and whole but where we can take most control and exert most influence – in our minds – we rarely do because whilst we all know on some level the power of influence the mental holds over the physical, often what we can’t see, we don’t.

Mind over matter, quantum healing, metaphysical medicine, we’ve all heard by now how powerful our minds are when it comes to health. We readily accept that in terms of stress, for example, what we do in our minds, we experience in our bodies and yet many of us never really venture much beyond this point in the understanding or see its implications extend to other illnesses or physical issues.

If we want to feel well, we need to think well and this goes much deeper than affirmations or positive thinking. This means accepting where we are focused on the negative, noticing where we are concentrating our energy on feeling unhealthy emotions and being conscious of how we are habitually making ourselves unhappy. The way we think dictates the way we feel and until we become conscious enough of our patterns and habits to reroute them and establish long term change, we act as if we don’t get to choose which thoughts we believe, energise and follow and our bodies have to deal with the consequences.

Often we spend our time directing ourselves away from health because we feel we are justified in doing so or habituated to do so or even feel obligated to do so but it is our choice to keep thinking things that don’t make us feel well and if something doesn’t feel good to us, we can stop thinking our way into the experience, regardless of whether we have a right to feel that way, are repeating the patterns passed onto us or trying to fit in with other people.

We have to do the work to change our subconscious programmes and when we do we get healthier mentally, emotionally, and physically. We are able to expand beyond our limited beliefs and notice how and where we direct our energy and focus. We take a step back from the demands of the ego and we see through the thinking that keeps us behaving in ways that don’t lead to health. It makes sense to us to question the validity of beliefs that lead us to feel other than healthy and happy, no matter how compelling it may be to go there.

There is not a wrong or right way to live and as human beings we are able to experience a wide range of emotions and the idea here isn’t to deny that or avoid that or shut that down. Rather noticing how our thinking affects us physically in terms of gene expression, lifestyle choices and pent up energy can be helpful in guiding us towards choosing a new way of living that takes into account how we want to think and feel and expands us past any understanding that tells us because a feeling is valid, we should hold onto it, no matter how it affects our health.

It also allows us to flow more easily with life and respond to it with grace. If we are living in a very reactive state of being, we don’t take the time to consciously choose our response to events because we are taking instant action from habits and programmes. Reactive living is rarely healthy yet responsive living is. When we choose to allow our feelings rather fear them and notice our thoughts rather than obey them, we create the distance that allows us to see how our experience is being created in the moment. It’s not that habitual thoughts don’t enter our minds and create feelings within us, it’s that we no longer feel an urgent need to follow them and fuel them and act from them.

Encouraging health is something we all want to do but when we misunderstand how to feel good, we don’t direct ourselves towards wellbeing. Working to operate from wisdom and innate health rather than ego and subconscious patterns can only lead us to feel better because when we are well we are guided by love and when we turn to love, which is to say we turn to the wellbeing within, we are guided towards health, freed from the constraints of the mind and begin to heal the corresponding suffering within our physical selves.