Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

How often are we conscious of the thoughts and visual images we are giving life to in our minds? Every moment, subconscious and conscious beliefs are held in our minds and given energy. We know that what we focus on we seem to get more of and when we do what we’ve always done, we get what we’ve always got, so why do we keep focusing on lack, overwhelm, insecurity, anger and guilt rather than redirecting our energy to solutions, insights, opportunities and ways to manage and build our lives into healthier and happier experiences?

When we focus on what we don’t have, the things we wish we didn’t, the traumatic past or the worrisome future, we are directing our brains to keep thinking the same thoughts, keep releasing the same chemicals so that our bodies feel the same emotions and we react to those emotions with more of the same thoughts that created them. We lose time and energy and sight of the possibility that something greater than what we have experienced or do experience is available to us and the insight and wisdom that reside within us that are available to help us experience this instead.

If we know that our thoughts create our experience and that thoughts are energy, direct energy and create energy then it makes a lot of sense to look at the internal and external dialogues that we take part in every day. Those little mantras we repeat about how badly we feel or how hard life is or how we’ll never be worthy have a more biological, psychological and quantum effect than we have ever realised before.

Science, spiritualists, neurologists and psychologists are all beginning to tell us that we are creating our experience with our focus and attention and that as energy is focused into matter by observation, we are literally creating our lives and bringing into being what we focus our attention on day in and day out.

There is no blame here. There is no negation of pain or hurt or suffering or abuse. There is hope. And empowerment. And inspiration.

When we become more dedicated to spending our energy focused on the thoughts of who we want to become and what we want to experience in life than we are to focusing on what is wrong and hard and damaging and hurtful, we see change occur. We change our attitudes because we are aware of our thoughts and we know we deserve better than to be feeling limited, broken, defeated, unworthy and forsaken.

We are divinity in motion. We are God in human form. We have the ability to perform and create the extraordinary and make it an ordinary event in our daily lives. We get to choose where we focus our energy the moment we choose something better for ourselves than a life that is less than. Happiness and health are available to us in every moment if we are just willing to cast off who we think we are and embrace the exceptional perfection of wellbeing and wisdom that exist at the true core of each and every one of us.

The moment we choose to give up the programming and the justifications we have for why we are still running it and instead open up to the limitless power and potential that we have to live great lives, we will find that we have more energy for the things we want to do, find more opportunities opening up for us to become the people we want to be and to live the lives we dream of and to create health and wealth and wellbeing and be calm when we don’t and joyful when do and always thankful no matter what is taking place.

When we do, we will start to see for ourselves how energy can be directed to produce physical results and every time a limiting thought pops into our heads we’ll leave it alone, knowing it has nothing new or helpful to teach us and preferring instead to stay connected to the innate knowledge we were born with that we have everything we need within to live well, feel well, act well and create well and our energy for life will increase in proportion to our love for it and we will feel finally that we have come home to the bountiful beings that we always knew deep down we were.