Enjoy Clear Hearing

Hello, it’s Lucy, creator of The Love Place, here with my fourth personal post.

This week at a Full Moon Meditation I closed my eyes and chose two colour cards from a deck that was passed around. They said:

Free Yourself from Pain

Enjoy Clear Hearing

I immediately reflected on how much pain is caused by refusing to let ourselves enjoy clear hearing; colouring everything others say with our own thoughts and opinions and projections and also obscuring our own inner voice with uncertainties and analysis and obsessive thinking.

Free yourself from pain: enjoy clear hearing. What a simple concept. What an enjoyable and peaceful action.

How often we create unnecessary drama because we refuse to clearly hear someone who has made mistakes before or cause ourselves pain because we are unable to forgive them and misunderstand them every time they speak. How often we create distance because we do not engage with the feeling somebody is in when they try to communicate with us and focus only on the words and not the energy that motivates them.

So too do we mishear and misunderstand our own inner voice. That crystal clear wisdom that speaks with clarity and ease. It is so natural for us to hear it but we cause ourselves so much pain by searching for it outside of ourselves and drowning it out with the noise of the ego.

So often messages and insights from a higher consciousness are reminders of what we know, what we already practice but what we lose sight of in times of struggle or challenge or just the busyness of day to day life.

Free yourself from pain: enjoy clear hearing. I have taken the advice of these cards. I am heeding their wisdom and relaxing into their message. I am present and calm when I hear others and spacious as I listen to my own inner voice. It is a peaceful way of being. A way we all know how to be and naturally often fall into. But the reminder is helpful and welcome all the same. Because so much of what we do is designed to help us remember who we really are and what we are really capable of, so that we can see where we are causing ourselves pain and free ourselves from it, so that we can reconnect with our inner voice and enjoy hearing it clearly.