Examining Limiting Beliefs

Hi friends, it’s Lucy here with another personal post. For as long as I can remember, I have believed on a very subconscious level that if I give voice to something that is good happening in my life it will somehow change it, that I will have spoken too soon, celebrated too early and invited fate to remove or reduce or revoke the good I’ve been talking about.

As I definitely do feel that we create more of what we focus on and experience the world in a way that reaffirms the belief system from which we operate, it makes sense to me that there have been times this has occurred. Because I know consciously that the belief is not true, it also makes sense that it doesn’t always. In fact there have probably been far more times it hasn’t happened but as it is a hardwired belief, I am programmed to remember only when it has and ruminate on and recall those times.

Our minds and bodies are programmed for a certain response to life and when we change how we think and who we are, it can be uncomfortable because on some level we feel under threat. So how do we change or rid ourselves of a belief once we have become conscious of it? When our ego is filling our minds with fear and our nervous systems seem to fight so fully against us telling ourselves it will be okay if we don’t pay attention to the belief any longer?

Meditation works for me, particularly heart centred exercises in which I drop into my heart centre, bringing my awareness into a safe space of love where fear simply does not exist. Here I use my sense of truth and wellbeing to reprogramme my subconscious mind as I repeat affirmations that occur to me in the moment: ‘It is safe for me to share good news.’ ‘It is safe for me to celebrate.’ ‘It is healthy for me to speak about the good in my life.’ ‘Speaking of the good in my life brings more of it about.’

I then bring my awareness into my throat centre, keeping the sense of love and connection and safety present in my chest and repeat the affirmations from here, feeling the creative power and intention held within this space and grounding myself in the truth and effectiveness of what I am repeating.

Manifestation teaches us to think and act as if what we desire has already occurred but often we can get confused between action and intention. If the intention we act upon and feeling we act in are in opposition to what we say we want, we do not often bring about what it is we claim to desire. If I believe speaking of the good in my life brings about something other, I am manifesting an outcome that supports and proves my thinking and beliefs and not the action itself.

When I am in my heart centre, I can act from a space of health and trust this to guide me towards affirmations that feel true and helpful for me. I feel connected to my innate source of wisdom and wellbeing. I don’t have to force affirmations or fight with them and I am at ease repeating and investing in them. It follows that I bring them into my throat centre to emphasise their truth on a deeper level and remind me of my own power in creating my life. I then choose to repeat the affirmations throughout the day. How many times have we gone over the same old limiting belief, unhappy experience or fear? Perhaps millions. We can do a little time affirming regularly too.

We are the ones who create our experience of life as it occurs. We decide what information we absorb, how we digest and process it and how we integrate it into our lives. Our filters are determined by our beliefs and working to change them to support a healthier world view that benefits us in all areas does not need to be a hard or unhappy experience. It might be challenging and require commitment but our hearts are here to guide us gently and our unlimited potential for creativity and change are always available to us on our path of transformation. As soon as we decide to uncover who we really are, we discover we have the tools we need to find our way.