Expansion is awareness that we are greater than we had known or allowed ourselves to be.

That the small mind we have obeyed is no more than an illusion obscuring from view the consciousness of all, that is who we are and what we are a part of.

We gain a more full understanding of all that we hold within and see beyond the physical to the limitless spiritual.

Growth of the most profound type sees us elevating our understanding of who we are and what we can do and we begin to explore the infinite space that exists beyond our previous view.

Release from the chains that hold us and the bonds that mold us is inevitable as we expand beyond their grip into an experience of enlightenment and true freedom.

The realisation that we cannot be contained by rules and labels and conditioning sees through society’s claims and we live from a more peaceful space.

When we recognise the spiritual reality of our existence we feel the hold of the physical ease.

We grow.
We expand.
We ascend.

When we understand what is really available to us and the possibility that exists for us, we open up to the truth that we are magnificent, powerful, creative energy able to soar above the conditions we have allowed to shape us and experience the spaciousness of our potential.

We look beyond the veil of illusion that all we are and all we can be is what we see from the small mind and begin to explore the infinite, whole and loving energy we come to know ourselves to be in the space of divine light and eternal consciousness.