Experiencing Holiday Spirit All Year Round

The holidays are here once again and people are full of good cheer, merriment and joy. But we don’t have to set aside these feelings once the festive period is over and wait for a birthday or special occasion to let them out again. In fact, every day can be a celebration of life if we choose for it to be.

During the holiday period, spirit is high. We feel well, we treat others well, we give gifts that require time and attention in order to show our loved ones appreciation. We spend time with people we don’t see too often and set aside our differences to enjoy each other’s company. We decorate our homes and wear our best clothes and spend time preparing beautiful meals. We play games and go for family walks and attend parties and we celebrate life.

Festivities are a time of connection and happiness; we see the bigger picture and embrace our own wellbeing in order to help others get in touch with theirs. We take a lighter approach to life and leave seriousness behind and we enjoy ourselves more because of it.

The holidays are a time when we are magnanimous and likely to reflect on the situations of others and show compassion and forgiveness because of it. We are full of generosity and love, noticing those in need, donating to charities or volunteering our time to benefit others.

So why do we relegate this way of living the rest of the year? If we feel better and treat others better and enjoy the efforts we put in to celebrating life, why do we wait for designated events to feel and act joyfully?

Perhaps it is because we have been tricked into believing that life is serious stuff. Or that we must be miserable or suffering in order to show how hard working and successful we are. Or because we think festive feelings come from festive events and that inside of us we are empty and unhappy.

None of these things are true. We feel festive because we are festive; we feel well because we are well; we readily show love because we are love and any excuse that these truths get to come alive within us, they will take but we don’t actually need excuses to get into good spirits.

All we need to do is notice where our focus lies, what we are spending our time and energy on and choose happier, healthier, peaceful, joyful thoughts and emotions to experience. If we are able to conjure up feelings of excitement, happiness and love at the sight of a lit up fir tree, then why not at the sight of our Monday morning work outfit or our Thursday evening dinner? Everything we feel in any moment is coming from within us. All we need to do is choose which feelings suit us best and spend time encouraging them, no matter the time of year.