Faking It Till We Make It

When we embrace the spiritual path and set out on the journey back to ourselves, often we have to spend time aligning our personalities, our thinking, our approach to life with the knowledge of who we really are and the truth of our being. As we reprogramme our minds and recondition our emotional reactions to life, there is an essence of us faking it till we make it, choosing to act as if we are already the enlightened, whole, healthy, secure selves we have come to understand we really are and can be.

This is wholly different from pretending we have experience we don’t or are living a life we aren’t or falsifying our achievements because it is about recogising our inbuilt abilities, understanding our innate potential, aligning ourselves with our inner wisdom so that we begin to take part in the world in a way that demonstrates a natural self belief and overrides unhelpful habitual patterns of thinking that tell us we cannot, will not, should not be successful and why.

If we begin to act in alignment with the true self so that we demonstrate belief in our inner resources, we practise self trust and faith that we are not our pasts, not our circumstances and not the limitations we have come to identify with but imaginative, creative, fluid expressions of the energy of life, able to take a new course of action when we choose to and equipped to do things differently just by making the decision to.

And if we do start to fake it till we make it, if we do utilisie the knowledge and information available to us about rewiring our neural networks and establishing a new relationship with ourselves, we will find that all that has stopped us from transforming into ever truer versions of ourselves before has been a belief that for some reason this was not a course of action available to us. Yet it always has been. It takes far more effort to hide our light than to shine it and if we know it is there and see others shining theirs, not only do we understand it is a possibility for us to shine ours too, it is inevitable, it is our Divine right, it is what we are made for.

This is completely different to wanting to appear a certain way to satisfy the desires of the ego, the conditioned self who believes it must be affirmed by others, must be seen to be doing well, must fit in, must be adored, must be accepted. This is about recognising our true worth and potential and letting this recognition lead us in how we show up and take part in the world rather than our most familiar limited thinking.

And because we have become comfortable with the familiar, we have on some level confused it with being safe, with being secure so it can be confronting and uncomfortable to discard what is known by the ego in favour of what is known by the soul. But when we are really clear on what we want for ourselves as well as what we are truly capable of, we choose something new, something better and on the days the ego tries to remind us of the limited self we believed in for so long and we feel the distress of reliving this identification, we place our trust in a higher self and we stay on the path of self realisation and self love, faking it with actions that go against what the ego directs us towards, actions of self respect, patience, forgiveness, until our minds clear and our feelings settle and we return home to ourselves.

We are the love we seek, we are the wisdom we require, we are the light of consciousness that will shine the way. When we forget this, we feel it. When we turn away from who we really are, we feel it. If we can remember this, affirm this, stand strong in this when we feel otherwise, we will strengthen our resilience, we will recondition ourselves to a new way of being that doesn’t need us to fake it any longer because health, happiness, vibrancy, strength, peace, joy and flow will be our new familiar and when this happens, we will understand that the only faking we ever really did was acting as limited beings when really we are manifestations of the Divine, whole, safe and intact beneath the veil of all illusion.