Finding Ways to Come Back to Ourselves

There are times in life when we are caught up in an experience and we still have the capacity to see how we are creating it with our thinking and are able to take a step back from the feelings we are overwhelmed by.

There are also times that we are caught up and know it to be true on some level that we are not thinking helpful thoughts and that at some point our feelings will shift and change but we aren’t in a space to fully realise it.

It’s in these moments that it’s so helpful for us to have practices that help us come back to ourselves.

It’s a wonderful thing to live a life lead by insight and wisdom but it isn’t how we operate all of the time. We exist in societies with generations of rules and principles that have conditioned us to think certain ways and intuit wellbeing through feeling in the moment rather than a stable truth within.

We may know deep down that we are spiritually whole and well and capable but in the times when this knowledge alone doesn’t seem to help us out of distress, practices that bridge the gap between the here and now of despair and the peace and calm of wellbeing are exceptionally helpful.

Whether it’s lighting incense, jumping on the spot, deep breathing or taking a walk, having practices in place that help us to shift our thinking, calm our feelings and get a better handle on the moment can make a huge difference in how we get through tough moments and experiences.

Of course our practices don’t work constantly and we adapt and evolve them as we do our lifestyles to find ways to take best care of ourselves in the current moment.

We are spiritual beings in the world of form and the spiritual truth of who we are is not always enough in the moment to help us physically feel better because we are so absorbed in the experience of being human. Finding practices that allow us to step back from it and connect with our spiritual wellbeing can be extremely helpful in the moments that we know intellectually that we are well and whole within but physically and emotionally feel otherwise.

We are all doing the best we can in the moment with our level of awareness and knowledge at the time. There are times when we see our experience for what it is and that alone helps us shift our thinking and gain clarity and perspective and there are also times we are less conscious of the experience we are creating for ourselves or less able to distance ourselves from it and practices that help us get to a place of peace and understanding are useful to us on every level.

Taking care of ourselves by taking action when we feel dejected or insecure is self care at its greatest and when we decide to take care of ourselves we become empowered to seek out better thoughts, better feelings and create better experiences.

In an ideal world perhaps we would all walk around operating from love and health and wisdom 100% of the time. In the world as it is, we have the ability to connect with the wellbeing within and operate from it but we also experience moments when wisdom and peace feel far from reach. It’s in these moments that practices that calm us down and cheer us up are so helpful because they take us out of the experience we are in and set us back on the path to clarity and truth.

Header image: Storm at Sea, Joseph Mallord William Turner