Finding Your Path Meditation

This guided meditation can be used throughout the day to reconnect you with your intuitive wisdom, your path and your way.

Record yourself slowly speaking the words below, pausing between sentences.

Allow yourself to hear them with all of your attention.

Find a quiet place where you can block out the light.

Lie down. Close your eyes.


You are walking through a bright and light forest.

There are beautiful trees all around you, their luscious green leaves swaying gently in the breeze.

Flowers bloom on the path you are following, rich in colour and happy looking as if they are smiling up at you.

Sunlight streams through the branches above you, warming you and energising you.

Look down at the path of soft and smooth oval pebbles you are walking and notice that there are pretty little mushrooms growing alongside it.

Follow them further into the forest.

As you go, breathe in deeply the smells of nature, clean and pure and sweet and fresh.

Listen to the gentle movements all around you.

Keep looking at the path ahead to see where the mushrooms are leading and when you reach their end, stop and look up.

You are in front of a huge, twisted old tree whose trunk is almost wider than you can properly see.

The tree is strong and resilient and gives off an air of deep wisdom, sanctuary, peacefulness.

Reach out your hand and place it on the trunk and hear a gentle sigh as the branches closest to you move aside to reveal a small space.

There is a wooden box there.

Reach out and take it.

It feels weightless but when you have it close to you, you see how well made it is of solid, richly coloured wood.

Open the box and release the light that is inside it.

It is bright and strong and yet you are able to see it clearly.

As you let your eyes rest on the light shining out from the box feel your own light deep within you activating.

You are shining as brightly as the light in the box and the sun in the sky.

The light in the box is pointing in a direction away from the old, wise tree.

Let it lead you past its trunk and deeper into the forest.

You come to a place with soft moss covering the floor like a carpet and a canopy above you covered in the most beautiful flowers you have ever seen.

Sit on the soft floor and enjoy the fragrance of the blossoms above as you place the box in front of you.

The light is still shining strong and bright and you can experiment with closing and opening the lid to find that it always does and always will.

This light of wisdom and intelligence can guide you on your way through life.

It can help you find your path.

Ask it a question now about your current purpose and notice which answers that arise light you up inside and which seem to dull your shine.

This light of wisdom will always let you know when you are turned away from your light or towards it, whether you are walking the path you are guided to or otherwise.

Ask another question about where you are headed and again notice which words that arise spark your light and which seem to dim it.

You can trust the light of wisdom to show you which ideas and answers are not coming from your true self and your deep inner knowledge.

Take a moment to lie back on the comfortable moss carpet, holding the open box on your abdomen and rest quietly whilst you enjoy the light within and around you.

The sun is shining brightly, lighting up the petals of the flowers above and you are warm and safe and relaxed.

Ask a final question of the light and let its clear and concise answer wash over you and through you, connecting you with your sense of intuitive wisdom, purpose, motivation and momentum.

You know which path to walk.

You know which way to go.

You know which thoughts to follow.

Take a deep breath and slowly stand up.

Look at the path you have taken here and see that the mushrooms are ready to guide you once again back through the forest.

Thank the old tree as you pass it.

Rejoice with the flowers as you look at their faces smiling up at you.

Appreciate the sun and its warm rays that caress your skin.

Enjoy the light from the box shining in front of you.

Look at the path ahead of you and know that it is safe for you to keep walking it.

You are supported and guided on your journey.

You have the answers you seek about it within.