Five Steps to Being More Creative

Creating has a sense of play about it. When we think of creativity, we think of inspiration, imagination, mental growth. As adults we can very easily lose our sense of play. We become conditioned to believe that life is hard, reward is a result of suffering and that successful adults are serious and practical. This actually seems to be very far from the truth. Success means different things to different people but the alternative interpretation sees people who are connected to their wellbeing, playing at life, creating and learning and enjoying the moment as successful.

So how do we play more? How do we get creative?

When we want to be more creative we often overlook how creative we already are in our everyday life. Whether we are creating meals, outfits, hairstyles, telling bedtime stories or arranging furniture to redesign a room, we are endlessly creative and using our creative gifts in everything we do. A great way to recognise how creative we are is by making a list at the end of each day of the things we have created. Once we see how and where we are already creating, we feel a sense of wonder and achievement about our creative faculties. If we are creating anyway, why not have some fun while we do it? Why not introduce an element of play?

We take this a step further by setting a creative goal each morning. In this way, we start to play at life and get into the habit of looking for more ways to be creative. What can I create today? How can I play? We find that play is more fun and less effort than a tired approach to a routine that we may feel trapped by. How can I make this more fun? How can I make this more interesting? How can I make this more rewarding? are all questions that get our creativity flowing and release us from a mindset that only a serious approach to life yields results. Play is practical, too. Ideas of any nature are still created by us. Why not create ideas that feel good and inspire us to play more?

We all have hobbies we enjoy and passions that excite us. When we get creative with these, amazing things happen. We have limitless potential. When we combine this force with a cause or project that resonates with us, we find ourselves guided by creative genius. We are in a creative flow, ideas come to us, solutions occur and we trust ourselves to come up with more and more creative ways to play at life.

Once we have uncovered our creativity, we can drop the story we have been telling ourselves that sets limits on what we are able to do and achieve. We get curious about any roadblocks on the creative path – commitment issues, fear of failure, conditioned thinking – and get creative about how to deal with them. Productivity increases our sense of worth and releases happiness hormones which in turn increases productivity. We get to achieve and enjoy once we start playing at life.

Our creative power is now well and truly awakened. The next step is to create something that we want to exist in our life that doesn’t yet. This can be an almost impossible dream or a more easily achievable goal. The point is that creating gets us into a healthy frame of mind. When we find the confidence in ourselves to go after what we want in life and get there by playing and creating, life becomes increasingly more enjoyable. Challenges become opportunities and failed projects become stepping stones to future ones.

We get to choose how we experience life and what we do with our time on Earth and we can experience the joy of endless creation and play just by waking up to the ways we already create every day. Allowing ourselves to get creative is the beginning of a more playful and fulfilling existence.

Five steps to being more creative:

  1. Recognise how creative you already are by making a list of your creativity at the end of each day.
  2. Set a small creative goal each morning to be achieved by the time you go to bed.
  3. Get creative with your hobbies and passions.
  4. Drop the story about creative limitations and explore what happens when you set yourself free.
  5. Create something that you want that doesn’t yet exist in your life.

Creating the life we want begins with the recognition that we have the power to do it. Playing at life frees us to explore our creativity and imagination. We have the ability to create the lives we dream of. We have the gift of creation.