Floral Face Scrub

Soothing, hydrating and gently exfoliating with a fresh and sweet fragrance, this floral face scrub gently polishes and smoothes skin.


Vitamin and mineral rich, the healthy fats in avocado support skin health, moisturising, softening, hydrating and reducing inflammation as well as smoothing and plumping out skin.


Calendula flowers stimulate collagen production, naturally brighten skin, reduce premature ageing with their vitamin E content and their antiseptic properties support and speed healing.


Cucumbers are hydrating, nutrient and antioxidant rich and contain silica which tightens and tones and ascorbic and caffeic acids which help soothe skin and reduce inflammation.


Rose petals contain anti inflammatory properties which soothe irritations, antioxidants which boost collagen production and heal blemishes and scarring and oils which moisturise and hydrate.


Lavender flowers calm and soothe skin, reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, inhibiting bacteria growth, regulating sebum production and reducing signs of ageing.

Makes 10 Uses


  • 1½ g dried calendula flowers
  • 2½ g dried lavender flowers
  • 3 g dried rose buds
  • 30 g cucumber
  • 65 g avocado


In a mini food processor or blender, process the ingredients until a textured paste has formed, scraping down the sides of the jug as necessary.

Apply to dry skin and gently massage all over including under eyes for 1 minute. Wash off with cool water, removing any residue with a damp face cloth and pat skin dry.

Store frozen in an ice cube tray in an airtight container for up to 1 month, thawing for 20 minutes before use.