Following the Feeling We Want

We make life so complicated and the journey of realisation, transformation and evolution so heavy and hard when all we really need to do is feel our way through the experience we are creating for ourselves in the moment and follow the feeling we want and stop creating the ones we don’t.

What is the feeling we want? Usually a peaceful sense of joy, a simple sense of connection and happiness, a feeling of ease and balance and clarity and we cannot get there from struggle. We cannot get there from stress and tension and unhappiness. We can only get more of the same when we try to think our way out of an experience from the state of mind that created it. If it doesn’t feel like wisdom, if it doesn’t feel like insight and calm, intuitive knowledge, it isn’t and it will not lead us to them.

What will lead us in their direction is feeling our way to a healthier perspective, feeling our way to a more balanced point of view. When we follow the feeling we want, we find that it is quite simple to stop creating suffering in our minds. We simply consider the feeling of our thinking and if it isn’t what we want, we stop what we are doing so that we can choose a new way, a new understanding that creates or allows the feelings of love and health and wholeness we are seeking to arise.

And we follow the feeling we want. We become aware of what distracts us from it, what obscures it, what gets in its way and we get to make the choice not to keep going along with those patterns of thinking, those trains of thoughts, those habits of belief because we want something better for ourselves, better for our loved ones, better for the people who spend time with us.

We make psychological success so complicated when we could just feel our way through; do we feel like we are in our right minds? Do we feel clear and spacious and able to navigate life from a helpful and balanced perspective? When the answer is no, we can simply drop the thoughts we are focused on. We can allow wellbeing to arise. We can connect with a clearer sense of what is occurring in the moment. We can follow the feeling we want rather than the ones we don’t.