Get Excited

Why do we wait until a day of predetermined celebration to get excited about life? Do we need permission? What if in small ways, we start to celebrate every day? If we allow feelings of enthusiasm and excitement to bubble up to the surface even on a Monday, even when we’ve not had enough sleep, even when we have a busy day ahead and better yet, what if we start to notice when we are creating excuses for not celebrating life and feeling a natural sense of excitement about it?

From a young age, we are taught at what times it is appropriate to be happy, enthusiastic and excited about life. Most ‘serious, hard working adults’ will find it strange or look down on a person who is excited by the small things and taking every opportunity to celebrate life.

Poor them. Truly. They have been hoodwinked by a system that prizes stress and seriousness and busyness above all else and they are striving to fit into a culture that has promised them there is virtue in hard work with limited amounts of fun and play.

But if we look around us, at a world that is decorated by flowers and lit up by stars, can we really imagine that any divine creative energy wants us to spend our time here confining excitement and celebration to a few days or even hours a year?

What would be the point of that, other than to end up with a race of people who are struggling, lonely, anxious, depressed and overwhelmed?

We are designed to celebrate life. We are designed to get excited by the small things. We are designed to feel wonder and joy and connect with life in an innately healthy and happy way. It feels good to feel good for a reason and there is relief and wellbeing available to us in celebration and excitement.

The wonderful feelings we get when we think about the events we celebrate are available to us all of the time. Nothing outside of us is creating them; they come from within. So why don’t we allow them to bubble up more often? Why don’t we find more reasons to celebrate and get excited?

It’s a choice. A choice that unfortunately we have decided only gets to be made a few times a year but that, luckily, we can flip on its head by deciding to get excited every day, even just about the mere fact that we are alive and start to celebrate this fact at every opportunity.