Getting Clear with the Universe

So often we think we’ve sent a message out to the Universe about what we want only to overlook that we’ve confused it with being unsure, dissolving into self doubt and recalling our desires. If we are energy existing in a vibrational state creating frequencies that carry information via our thoughts and feelings then we have to be clear in what we want to achieve and live in the vibration of having achieved it.

This doesn’t mean that we have to panic about every thought we entertain or our late night fantasies of worst case scenarios, it means that we decide what it is that we want exactly and live as if it has already occurred. We do not ask for it and then worry if it’s the right thing, confusing our intention, we reflect on our desires and then reframe our requests so that they are not ambiguous. We do not change our minds continually about what it is exactly we want, we stick with the one request and see how things unfold. We do not act as if we don’t or can’t have what we want, we embrace the experience of having already been given it and we say no to everything that is not quite it until it has been received.

And we are clear with the language we use. The word abundant means only large quantities of something. If we ask for abundance we have not specified what we want to receive large quantities of. So we must be clear: we want abundant health, abundant wealth, abundant success. We must be explicit and then we must trust the outcome to the Universe with non attachment so that it can be delivered in the best way possible which is far beyond anything we can conceive of with our limited personal minds.

Non attachment is not at odds with feeling good. It is the freedom to feel good before, during and beyond the receiving of what we ask for. It is a knowing that we can feel good anyway so that we enjoy the journey without imagining that at every stage we have reached the end of it. When we live with the freedom to flow with life, we do not try to micromanage how what we want will be come into being, we do not panic about losing it and we do not try to hold onto it in order to feel well. We know we are able at every stage to tune into the abundant good feeling within us and we allow abundant good to move to us and through us.

If we begin by choosing one area in which we wish to receive and one thing in this area we wish to be delivered and live as if it has already been given without making it a condition for good feeling, without giving into the fear of the limited self, without trying to determine how or when it will materialise in order to prove it is possible and we just allow ourselves to live in the feeling of having received it, of experiencing the joy of surprise, the delight of co creating with the Universe and the humility of realising that alone we cannot manifest the exact conditions by which our desire will be brought to life, we will find that life becomes lighter, more exciting, more mystifying and that we begin to live beyond the confines of the personal mind and from a trust in and connection to something far greater.

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