Giving Ourselves over to Inspiration

Hi friends, it’s Lucy here with a personal post. This week I have been reflecting on inspiration and how when I follow it it is as if I am along for the ride, as if I am the way for inspiration to work in the world and in this sense that I am not making use of it but that it is making use of me.

This ties in with what I have been sharing for a long while now, that when we hand over the reins to our highest expressions of consciousness, to intuition and wisdom, to the energy of life, source, the Universe, God, we manifest and bring into being what we are guided to from a self that exists before, beneath and beyond the ego and in this way we follow our purpose, get out of our own way and engage and express our wellbeing in a way that motivates us, satisfies us, fulfils us and finds us at work in the world experiencing ever more ways to creatively explore what our mission is here.

Most often when I start working on something, I begin with the intention to create it and it just unfolds. This does not mean I don’t spend time and effort on it but that it is effortless in nature, I am tuned in and open to what comes through me with no worries or concerns about what will develop or how or what the outcome will be. I then draft, edit, refine, experiment and the only time I lose connection with the ease and flow and grace of the creative process is when I get caught up in conditioned and limited thinking and turn away from who I really am and my innate joy and let doubt or pressure take over.

This rarely happens because I am so much more interested in flowing with the creative energy of life than in blocking it and when I do, it always passes quickly. I love to create and I am always creating, endlessly inspired because I am open to inspiration which I believe is always available to us. Sometimes I will have an idea for something months before I even begin to work on it, building it in my mind or just revisiting it from time to time until I know intuitively that it is time to begin, which usually occurs before I have consciously realised and find instead that I am simply getting started.

I believe that we are all able to create and that every one of us in creative. When we get out of the way of the creative energy of life, it takes us along for a ride we came here to enjoy and we find ourselves filled with amazing ideas, experiencing insightful impulses and carried by inspiration we could never have come up with from a limited mind. In this state we move forwards with momentum, we find solutions to challenges and we give up what doesn’t work for us and move onto something new when we need to without judgements, doubts or concerns.

All it takes to engage with our creativity is a willingness to be open to inspiration and to allow ourselves to be guided to create in a way that takes us beyond limiting beliefs and into a space of possibility, insight, awareness, wonder and joy. I know that when I allow myself to be taken over by inspiration what I create is far more resonant with truth and potential than anything I could come up with from the limited self and not only do I get to enjoy the experience of creating and its results, every time I give myself over to inspiration I leave a little bit of who I am not behind and become more of who I truly am.