Giving up Fermented Foods

Hi friends it’s Lucy here. I wanted to write a little post on my experience with fermented foods.

Raw pickles, sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi, kefir, vinegar and raw cheeses, yoghurts and cakes made with probiotics, all taste amazing to me but often when I eat them I notice that despite an inital buzz, tastebud tingle or energy boost, I have strange physical reactions and after many experiments with different brands and types of food it’s time to acknowledge that ferments are not for me.

I first heard about the benefits of fermented foods almost seven years ago from a herbalist talking about a client of his who had moved from Russia to the U.K. and experienced a severe health decline. All he’d changed in his lifestyle that he could think of was that he no longer consumed fermented cabbage and when he started to make it and eat it again daily, everything returned to normal.

I have friends and family who will not live without ferments and have stories of healing, revitalised health and great experiences with the fermented drinks and foods they love so much.

In the past I have promoted fermented products I’ve been enjoying and not all of them have caused immediate reactions but there comes a point where no matter how good something tastes or how great the health claims, or how nice the buzz, if it’s not working, it’s time to stop consuming it, regardless of what might seem like everyone else’s experience.

Our bodies are unique and individual and fermented foods may work for some and not for others. Just as bananas or pineapples cause histamine reactions in some and coriander tastes like soap to a large portion of the population, not all foods suit all people despite advice such as “all reaction is a detox reaction” or “the bigger your reaction, the more you need the product”. This can even come down to types of fermented food, too. These days I really enjoy raw chocolate and feel well consuming it but this hasn’t always been the case and I once avoided it completely, so I realise and acknowledge that different foods work for us at different times.

I do also understand that many people find fermented foods to be beneficial and I will leave my recipes, reviews and features posted because at the time I did enjoy the products, no matter what my body had to say about them, as did the rest of The Love Place testing team who experienced no adverse reactions or effects at all.

Food is an emotive subject and there are those who feel compelled to attack opinions and experiences that conflict with their own so I hope everyone can understand that my objectives with this post are simply to share my experience and encourage others to be open to theirs. My mouth loves fermented foods but the rest of my body not so much and in the interests of transparency and responsibility and for the sake of fairness and balance, I feel it right to offer a different perspective than I have previously.