Giving up Perfection

Believing that we have to be perfect is one of the best ways possible to feel unwell, out of sync and unbalanced. When we overlook our human capacity for misunderstanding we lose sight of our emotional health and wellbeing and get caught up in feelings of stress, guilt, worry and shame.

We are beings of pure love and wisdom blessed with the gifts of consciousness, thought and feeling. Sometimes we get so caught up in the thoughts and the feelings that we aren’t really conscious of the experience we are creating and everything feels very overwhelming and very real.

Believing that we need to be perfect and that we are bad people for the times that we aren’t is not only a limiting belief that keeps us trapped in a cycle of failure, it is also an obstacle to growth.

It is when we recognise our capacity for being human (getting caught up in our beliefs and acting on the feelings of those thoughts) that we are able to let go of the quest for perfection and recognise the potential we have for operating from a more self loving and kinder understanding of ourselves.

Perfection doesn’t exist outside of us. It exists within and we experience the purity of our perfection every time we get quiet enough to touch the space of health and love that resides inside of us. Outside of this space exists a physical realm that we are a part of every day of our lives and naturally we get caught up in the illusions of form and trip up, fall flat and make mistakes. This is part of the ride.

It is our ability to recognise when we are hoodwinked that allows us to see the innocence in our beliefs about perfection as well as our innocence in the times we don’t act perfectly. When we are able to forgive ourselves rather than castigate and punish, we find it easier to move on from the moments that haven’t reflected our wellbeing and are more inclined to act in ways in the future that do.

Giving up perfection ironically allows us to act more naturally from a space of wellbeing because we are not caught up with ideas about how we should behave and how we might come across. Instead we are clear minded enough to have perspective which allows us to act with clarity, confidence, kindness and love; all traits of the perfection within.