Giving up Self Judgement

Judgement means to discern, to make considered evaluations and come to reasonable conclusions. It also means to form an opinion about or deliver a verdict on a wrong or punishable offense. Whilst the first when applied to ourselves leads to growth, awareness and healthier behaviours, the second is self defeating and often wildly disproportionate to the actual acts we are reflecting on and condemning.

Self judgement of the kind that renders us guilty, ashamed, warranting punishment is an incapacitating act that leads us to perform less well as individuals than if we were to operate from a curious and understanding attitude towards ourselves.

It makes us much more sensitive to the views of others, as well as their behaviours towards us. In self judgement mode we wonder why we are not liked by all, we analyse each interaction to find out what we have done wrong, we become victims of a tyrannical voice in our minds and we obsess about our inabilities and failures.

Whoever taught us to operate from self judgement was misguided and we must question the validity of the voice in our minds when it starts to recall our mistakes and pass sentencing.

As human beings our only means of evolving is to take part in the world and learn as we go, which is an empowering journey of self discovery when we operate from a desire to learn, a connection to wellbeing and a peaceful and stable mindset. When we operate from health, we are able to consider our behaviours and encounters as they occur and learn from the ones that don’t sit well with us or reflect our truth.

When we victimise ourselves and become subject to self judgement, we lose the capacity to function successfully. We focus our energy on disempowering narratives and unhelpful behaviours that see us apprehensive about spending time with others and taking part in the world.

This does not lead to healthy growth and expansion but rather contraction as we seek to avoid anything that will provide more fuel for the voice of condemnation in our minds.

As spiritual beings in physical form, we respond well to unifying and loving practices. Anything that focuses too much on the world of form and disregards or covers up our inner strength, resilience and health can never leave us fully formed and feeling well and operating in the world as successful and confident people.

And yet we are successful and confident by nature. It is only the relentless voice of self judgement that tells us otherwise but no matter how persuasive it can be, it has no helpful information for us. It does not lead us to realisation, positive development and empowered action but rather the opposite as we remain trapped in an inner dialogue of despairing, depressed and anxious thinking.

Society may well profit from our self judgement and old school teachings may have led us to defer to it but now is the time to give it up and free ourselves from the misery of reaching verdicts and passing sentencing.

Life can be light. Life can be joyful. Life can be sweet and gentle and bright. We just have to seek new ways of reflecting on our actions and healthier ways of expanding beyond the ones we wish to leave behind. Self judgement cannot and will not get us anything other than condemnation and punishment. No one thrives in an atmosphere of guilt. It is detrimental to our mental health and keeps us from realising the beautiful beings we truly are.