Guest Post: Treating Winter Skin Issues by Imelda Burke, CONTENT Beauty & Wellbeing

The desire to go natural is no longer a compromise on results or luxury. Treating year round skin issues can be done just as effectively with organic skincare.

At CONTENT we handpick natural beauty brands from around the world that are results driven whilst being free from what we deem to be undesirable synthetic chemicals.

I created CONTENT nine years ago after suffering from skin problems from early childhood and having been prescribed many medical skin treatments, most of which contained synthetic chemicals, I wanted to see if I could find an natural alternative.

The brands we stock share our passion for natural skincare and organic ingredients and have been chosen for their commitment to quality and holistic skin health. None of the brands we stock test their products on animals, nor do they instruct anyone to do so on their behalf. Our sourcing policy looks beyond the elimination of parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, SLS, and synthetic fragrances and extends to a further 25 + commonly used synthetic chemicals.

We have a full list of ingredients we avoid on our website and I dedicated an entire section of my book The Nature of Beauty to why specifically you should avoid these synthetics. But to name a few, I would always seek to cut out products that contain mineral oil, PEG’s, propylene glycol and parabens.

Some things in life we have little control over – the skincare and makeup we use is an area we do.

In the same way that you might opt for a real strawberry smoothie over a strawberry flavoured milkshake, you can also make this choice with your skincare. Getting to know and understand the contents of your life is one of the smartest things you can do. Many of us have never stopped to question what we are putting on our skin and what we are sold. If you are interested in what you are eating, it makes sense to also consider what’s inside your makeup bag and bathroom cabinet.

At CONTENT, we find it handy to be able to shop by ethos, whether that be if you are vegan, gluten free or looking to support locally made or certified organic products. Just check our ethos badges on every product page.

Winter Skin Issues and how to Treat Them

Different seasons come with the obvious changes in weather. Temperature, sun, wind and humidity can all affect the skin. For example, during summer you may want to reduce your chances of sunspots so will look to increase your SPF usage and add a serum containing brown algae to protect against pigmentation. In winter, surrounded by drying central heating and colder temperatures, you may want to address hydration levels with a serum or dryness with an oil.

Dry Skin

Essential fatty acids can work wonders. Add an Omega 3 supplement to your organic skincare kit, like Terra Nova Organic Omega 3, 6, 7, 9 Oil Blend. For topical use, the rule is the same. If skin is dry, look for oleic acid rich facial oil blends containing almond, avocado, moringa or carrot oils. I love the Odacité Very Dry Skin Concentrate.

Increase your use of facial oils or upgrade your day cream to a thicker more intensive cream. These create a protective barrier between you and the elements. One great natural beauty hack is to add a drop or two of an omega rich facial oil to your day cream. This boosts the moisturising qualities of your cream and saves you investing in a new product. Try the Lina Hanson Global Face Serum.

Dehydrated Skin

Switch your coffee to herbal teas to help with hydration from the inside out and try adding a hydrating organic serum into your skincare routine. Choose something that contains Hyaluronic Acid which attracts and retains water in the skin cells. Try Nuori Supreme-C Serum Treatment.

Flaky Skin

Exfoliate! I recommend once a week or more if skin is oily or congested. Make it gentle though. Experiment with manual exfoliation using scrubs containing fine, naturally-derived particles. If you find these are too abrasive for your skin, switch to a gentle natural enzyme exfoliant using fruit acids. Two of the most popular at CONTENT are Pai’s Kukui and Jojoba Skin Brightening Exfoliator and Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask.

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Imelda Burke is the founder of CONTENT Beauty & Wellbeing, a boutique organic skincare store, naturopathic clinic, beauty salon and website at the forefront of the move towards natural and organic skincare and complementary therapies. Specialising in emerging results-driven niche brands, CONTENT is regarded as London’s leading organic and natural apothecary.