Happy Monday

Happy Monday! Not something you hear often, particularly in a world where we have come to hate Mondays and the general drudgery we associate with the returning to work, school or other duties that make us long for the escape of the weekend.

So why is this? How have we tricked ourselves into feeling so imprisoned for five days of every week that the thought of Monday leaves us feeling low and grey?

We are operating from within a paradigm that makes us victims and strips us of our autonomy and self awareness. We are raised to believe in and abide by the status quo. We go to school to learn how to fit in, we gets jobs we don’t love to pay for things we don’t need, we operate within a system that keeps us insecure and depressed, that keeps us trapped in a cycle of working and spending, leaving us too tired to turn within, try new things and question the regime.

We are the wisdom of the universe in human form. Every single moment gives us an opportunity for learning and growth. Every day we get to choose our own experience of life. If we are dreading our Monday, surely it is time to change our routines, our opinions and our perspectives?

Let us start by asking a few questions:

  • What do I dislike about Mondays?
  • What can I change about this?
  • Why do I want to change this?
  • What else could I be doing instead?
  • How might I enjoy working towards doing that?
  • Do I want to continue in the life I am leading?
  • If I do, how can I make it more enjoyable?
  • What are the recurrent thoughts I am thinking about Monday and how are they limiting me?

Once we wake up to the responsibility we have for improving our lives and finding them fulfilling, we also wake up to the choices we are making that are creating our situations. We are in charge of our experiences. We get to choose which thoughts we listen to and invest in and encourage. We are the agents of change we have been waiting for.

So, Happy Monday! Let’s notice opportunities to enjoy our day, let’s look for ways to enrich our experiences, let’s feel joy in abundance and let’s have love and sympathy for those who just cannot see these possibilities without allowing them to influence our enjoyment of life.