Happy New Day

Hello, it’s Lucy, creator of The Love Place, here. I thought I would share a personal post today that might explain why I created this site. I always knew that life was a gift but until I woke up to the wonder of it, I wasn’t able to connect in the way I knew I could. I hope The Love Place offers an opportunity for us all to connect with and celebrate this life that is love in every way that is open to us.

As I walked along the beach, the sun came up and the light hit the water and illuminated the clouds. I wished myself and the world a happy new day and I became aware once again of the endless possibilities we have to live each day, each moment anew. 

There is an eternal truth that every sage and guru has told us throughout the ages, that we have known all along and simply forgotten: 

We have everything we need within. 

Realising this is what allows us to stop looking for the external cause of our suffering, stop searching for peace of mind in the content of our thinking and revert to the wisdom and health that lie within us. 

Whatever you are going through, whatever you think about yourself or have been told, whatever you have done or experienced at the hands of another, this truth tells us that we still have all that we need to live the joyful, peaceful and successful life that we deserve. We have all that we need to uncover our true self, recognise our limitless potential and realise a life free from suffering.

Wisdom and health are alive and well within all of us.

The eternal truth of who we are is far beyond what can be explored and explained with the intellectual mind. It is something that is felt. It is a spiritual understanding that we know before form, before the physical and tangible. I once had a powerful insight that everything is love. This may be a parroted phrase but at that time I had never heard it before and yet in the moment of insight, I knew it to be true. It was a moment of pure consciousness, a profound realisation that all is one. One energy that is love.

We all want to feel well, live well and create successful lives but many of us misunderstand where wellness and success come from. We attempt to feel whole by looking outside of ourselves for satisfaction, peace and love.

But just as the seed knows which plant to grow into and the bird knows which country to fly to, we also have a deeper intelligence that guides us when we let our thinking quieten down enough to hear it. The same wisdom that guides seeds to become plants and birds to migrate is also available to help us when we trust in our connection to the energy of life.

Knowing that we have spiritual intelligence that is available to guide us allows us to open up to the energy we are a part of. When we do this, we realise our own magnificence and we begin to flow with life. 

When we hear the truth of our being – that we are the energy of love – it resonates with us so deeply we feel like we have come home. We can let go of who we think we are and open up to a truth more powerful than anything our ego can imagine.

We are remembering the truth that deep down we have known all along but forgotten under layers of thinking and learned ways of being.

When we trust in the ego, we feel far from home but we have simply forgotten our magnificence and shrouded it under a cloak of thinking. As soon as we remember who we really are, the veil of illusion begins to slip away and we discover that all along we have been free. 

We are everything we could ever wish to be. 

We can trust ourselves. 

We have magic within. 

We are home.

I wish for you to feel the peace that you are. Happy New Day.