A Happy New Year

A new year is nearly upon us and for most of us, this represents a new start. A new start is refreshing, exciting, inspiring and motivating and if we approach it in a healthy and helpful way, we can only improve our lives and the ways in which we experience them.

A new year is an opportunity to take stock of where we are and reflect upon the things we would like to change, do differently or bring into being. This is a time to be kind and gentle with ourselves when setting goals and intentions. Self abuse is never helpful, healthy or called for and acknowledging this and pledging to avoid it is the best start to changing our lives for the better.

Visualising what we want rather than what we don’t is a helpful way of avoiding negativity and frustration. Rather than feeling angry or upset about where we are, we can get excited and inspired about what we can create for ourselves. We can make a commitment first and foremost to give ourselves the respect and love that we deserve and need to build better lives.

When we get quiet and go within, we are able to connect with the space of wellbeing inside of us that will steer us in the direction of health and happiness. If we set our goals and intentions from this space, we will be able to identify helpful action that helps us stay the course and avoid the heartache and despair that comes from unhelpful action that takes the form of unsustainable change.

We live in a world that offers us so much in terms of advice and guidance and we can take advantage of this when we are in a position to improve our lives from a space of love, wisdom and insight. We can identify areas where we need help with change and seek out experts to aid us on our journeys rather than take up the first offer we see to help us lose weight fast, get rich fast, find love fast.

Taking the stress of accomplishing a goal by a certain time out of the equation by being present and setting our aims from a space of patience and self respect can help us to avoid suffering and encourage us to take steps that enhance our experience of the journey towards realising a new life.

We are only ever here now. There is nothing that will get us towards our goals faster than accepting the present and using our energy and focus to bring about the healthy change we seek. If we spend our time on anything other than inspiration that lights us up, trust that we can do anything we set our minds to and love that lets us know we are worthy of a wonderful life, we are going to get more of what we have already got.

There is no right or wrong way to go about embracing and creating change, only healthier and more enjoyable ones. This new year let’s embrace a more positive and self empowering start and let self love, self trust and self respect lead us on our journeys of self improvement.